Huawei P smart phone issue update – Problem Solved

This is a post update on the Huawei P smart phone issue I had, which has now been solved. To see what the issue was about, this post will help: Can a reader of my blog help, with a mobile technology question?

The solution to the problem

The solution to the problem was a simple one. That simple, that when I was told if this in an email by Huawei, I did not think it would work. But it has thankfully and this post I have written while using WiFi that I could not connect to before, to write this post.

Download the Firefox browser, from the Google Play Store.

When using the Firefox browser, the window I would expect to see, to log in, will pop up. And it did. So I am happy this has fixed my problem and I hope it helps you, that have this phone.

POST UPDATE on 12th October 2018

As I blogged about a bit later, the issue had returned. It seemed to be a one off being able to log in, using Firefox browser. But recently, I had a system update on my phone and I am now able to log in on the WiFi I was having particular trouble with. Further details in this post: Seems to have fixed the issue after a recent update on my Huawei P Smart phone


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5 thoughts on “Huawei P smart phone issue update – Problem Solved

    1. The usual browser I use would normally let you know. But that was my old phone. The new phone has like an additional security setting and it’s the setting that makes you use those QR codes I was on about in the other post. Who uses these,cos I don’t have one where I live in that uses them? But the phone suggests it. It’s the only thing I have found a pain with this phone.
      But yes, having a different browser seems to have helped. I was surprised to get past this. 😊 Xx

      1. It seems to be have short lived. I have not been able to log in since. 😦
        Another email gone to Huawei.

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