Job interview went well

So it was my job interview today, for a cleaning vacancy I applied for. Manager interviewed me, while another lady made the notes.

I arrived early, as I do with anything. My interview lasted between 30 – 40 minutes, in which they got to know me, my experiences and what I can offer. Also why I want to work for them and how would I use my experience with them.

I also learnt about them, their in-house training and how that works. My concerns were put to ease about deaf accessibility. They were very happy to accommodate my needs accordingly, if I get this role. So should I get the position, I would have the necessary mobile numbers to use, should I need to text in sick and other ways accordingly that will help me.
I learnt that this pub has people with different needs, that they are proud of to support.
The manager was really nice and she definitely came across approachable. The other staff that work there, are nice too. But I knew that already, from a customer perspective.

There are more being interviewed today, but the manager hopes to make her decision by today.

I have said I can start asap, as this job will be additional to what I have already. I’m not leaving my current job. They know I can do any day except for Saturday, as sometimes I do overtime for my other employer. She seems happy with this.

Although I would have liked my Sundays off, it’s only a two-hour shifts on what ever day I work, 6am to 8am, so I still have my Sundays. I am prepared to work Sundays, if required, for this job. I have done it before, so no problems.
My hours will be 6 to 8 hours per week.

Due to the early start, there is only one bus that will get me there, in time for that start Monday to Friday. Sunday would have to be taxi and in the week taxi, if I felt the bus wasn’t going to turn up. So if this is the case, even if taxi on Sunday, my lunches and cup of teas out would have to stop. I know I would have to touch my savings a little too. But once I am living local, it will be just a 25 to 30 minute walk, to work. So I am prepared to do this, for the job, as it will be worth it in the end.

I should hopefully know today, if I have the job, as the manager is hoping to make her decision today. If I am not lucky with this one, I have agreed that my details can be passed on to the pub around the corner, which is also under same brand chain pub, as they are after a cleaner too.

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