I am SO GLAD, that my gut instinct was wrong…

I am SO GLAD my gut instinct was wrong. The first time I have ever been wrong and I am glad I am wrong, as I would have felt so hurt if it had been true.
If you have read my post already; Stressing… I am concerned I am going to lose my flat, along with the deposit to hold it, you will have known that my gut instinct was telling me and making me wonder if my current landlord would go back on his word, when it came to supplying a reference.
The company the estate agents use to chase up the references, that was saying they tried to call my landlord, NEVER left a voicemail. If they had done, he would have got back to them and if he is like me when it comes to not recognising a phone number, he isn’t just going to phone back, when they ain’t left a message.
When I shared the landlord’s email to pass on to the referencing company to use and get him that way, last Friday, he did not get their email till this morning! And I wonder if it was only sent after I emailed them back, after they emailed me, saying have you emailed him? because they only said they tried to call him in the email.

Both myself, my current landlord and the estate agent have been communicating appropriately and the references have now been completed, I have been told in an email from estate agents. But I knew from my own landlord, that he had sent it, as we had been communicating via text, keeping one another up-to-date. I will update him next when I do have the keys to the flat, then when I post the letter signed for, giving my one month notice.

Now things start moving.
Next week, I will be paying my deposit and months rent in advanced, as planned.
Then I collect the keys at the flat on 1st October and sign the tenancy agreement.
So it will be really official by then and I hope to share with you officially, at night.

I would like to think there will be no more emotional upsets, but although I really want this move from Sutton-in-Ashfield, to Mansfield, there has been lovely memories in this home.

Thank you for following me, on this journey. 🙂

8 thoughts on “I am SO GLAD, that my gut instinct was wrong…

  1. How wonderful! Things are moving along nicely for you. Exciting.

    You know me, 😀 I need to speak up about your gut instinct being wrong. Our gut instinct can never be wrong. It just can’t, it’s innate-like. But how we choose to interpret it, can be wrong.

    Often times, the ‘monkey mind or ego’ steps in and messes with it, causing us to go ‘into our head-brain’ and ‘out of our heart-brain’. That’s when we usually make poor choices.

    With the gut instinct, there is no doubt. You simply act on ‘the pull’ and do not ask questions, or have any hesitations and especially have no expectations.
    I feel it was your monkey mind, Liz, that was causing you to wonder. I do not believe your gut would do that to you.

    And regardless, LOOK where you are AT? The path still brought you to where YOU wanted to be. Right? Proud of you!!! You kept at it, taking what ever steps you needed to take, to get what you deserve! Right? That is so cool!

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