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I thought I post you a quick update, while I have a little free time.

I have my removals booked and I will be moving into my flat, on the 22nd October.

My landlord of new place, sent me a welcome text and apologised for the things I have reported that need fixing, reassuring me he would contact me in the next couple of weeks to sort them out. I thanked him for the welcome and reassured him to enjoy his holiday and that these findings were small to me and I seen beyond these when viewing the flat, so to fix them when he could.

I noticed from first viewing the flat, to later visiting against to sign the tenancy agreement, that the landlord put me a new bedroom carpet down.

Any future issues with flat is now directly with the landlord, but I have found one small issue. The estate agents were the one who pass my details onto ‘Tenant Shop’ and these will forward the meter readings for my gas and electric to relevent company and also get other utilities council in my name, like council tax, water, but while at it, they see what else you would like and supposedly give the best deals.
Now I am straight forward, I just need the council tax, water, gas and electric in my name. I don’t do TV, I don’t need broadband, as I already have internet on my phone.
Now the bloke from the estate agents said they are quick getting back to you and they know they can only contact me by email because of me being deaf. But I am still waiting to hear from ‘Tenant Shop.’ They have to contact me first, before proceeding with everything. Had I personally sorted this out all myself, I would have contacted all the necessary people/companies by this stage. People at the Council like to be informed quickly about anything and this in particular concerns me, because they can get on your back very easily.
I contacted the bloke from the estate agents because as it’s them that forward you to ‘Tenant Shop,’ then I think it’s them and not my landlord to contact. I have let them know I am still waiting to hear and if I don’t hear by today, I am doing it all myself. So yesterday, I written up draft emails on paper, ready for me to type up when I email all these people I need to contact, while letting them know why it wasn’t done sooner.
I like to get all this stuff all out-of-the-way in the first week, as so I can concentrate on everything else and just enjoy moving in. So if you are like me when it comes to getting bills in your name and letting those companies know all in the first week of signing your tenancy, but are in a situation like me where estate agents forward you to ‘Tenant Shop,’ or another company like these, then you will find this part annoying and concerning. ‘Tenant Shop’ I do not see anywhere in my contract, so as it is me living there and not ‘Tenant Shop,’ I will be contacting everyone accordingly this evening and getting these things in my name.

Today, I am allowing my mum to see flat before, I move in. I hope my mum does not continue to be negative. The flat is tired looking and needs TLC, but I can see the potential and I hope my mum does too.
While there, I will vacuum my living room carpet and clean the kitchen. If time, I will clean windows in bedroom and living room. I did the frames earlier, just need to do the glass.

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