Blog post re-share: My Mind’s Junk-Drawer — Untangled

I love this post when I came across it and it helped to look at myself in a different way. It made me smile at what was my irritations, until now. It gave me some perspective and not to get too annoyed with myself. My mind has a junk-drawer and I sometimes cannot find, or lose stuff in my junk drawer.

Do you have a junk-drawer?

We have a “junk-drawer” in our kitchen. It’s the drawer where coupons, batteries, a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, tape measures, a flashlight, matches, lighters, cat-nip, and the assorted 1/2 used birthday candle packages lay scattered about. It’s a small drawer, but it seems, it has the room of Mary Poppins magic bag. It holds everything and […]

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2 thoughts on “Blog post re-share: My Mind’s Junk-Drawer — Untangled

    1. I like the idea of this junk drawer for the brain. We take in lots of information than we probably realised.
      Me, I have been scattered brains at times over the last few months and forgetful, so losing my things in the junk drawer I like the idea of and helps me to be less serious and not tick myself off, when I have these moments.

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