Photos from my flat – Before I moved in

Just a few photos from my flat, (apartment) to give you an idea why I went for this one. All photos taken by me.

The curtains shown in all the photos, belong to the flat. My curtains will go up in the bedroom and when I have the money, I will buy curtains for the living room windows. The other curtains will then be washed and put away, until they one day come back out, when I leave for a council property. This will be the only time I plan to move again, unless I buy my own place.

Living room

The photo below that the chair is in, I will have my two-seater settee on this wall, so I can look out at the view I have and like. The wall at the back of the settee, I plan to do something different for on this wall, that I have not done before. I will hang some LED peg lights and some photos, pictures from magazines, or when colouring, or drawing, will hang from them. The photos and pictures will change every so many months. I decided the first lot I display, may reflect the season, but after that, whatever pleases me.
My Parlour Palm plant I plan to have to my left of me, when I am sat on the settee.
My coffee table will be at the front of me, so I can lean forward to get my drink. Opposite wall, my computer will be in a corner, which when watching DVD’s, would be pulled forward a little. Next to that, I will have my 4-tier shelf unit and a small bookcase next to that. Originally the 4-tier shelf unit was in an under stairs cupboard, but it’s not going to fit in the storage cupboards here. So this I thought could go in my living room and instead, one of the small bookcases I would have had originally in my living room, would go in a storage cupboard. I plan to wrap fairy lights around my 4-tier shelf unit, so with these and the peg lights, it will make it lovely and a cosey glow, at night.


The photo below is the other window in my living room. This window is on the same wall as where I plan to have my settee. As you can see in the photo, the sun started shining through.

I will have my dining table here and my Christmas tree here. (Christmas tree will be up early this year.)

To the left of this photo, you will see part of a door frame. This will take me to my kitchen.



The photo below is my bedroom and the only time I will share this room on my blog.

The window faces the same way as one of the living room windows, to my favourite view.

My bed will be to the right, with headboard in the direction of that wall and my drawers to the right of my bed, as this is where the sockets are, that I will need for my vibrating alarm clock and my fire alert at night. My wardrobe will be to the left and also a bookcase that has my toiletries and other things on it, will be that side.



I am not short on kitchen space. Shall I have a microwave again? Lol. I’m only kidding. Getting another toaster I am still questioning. I have managed without so far and part of me still thinks not to bother. So please don’t buy me one, just cos I don’t have one.

Anyway… here’s the kitchen.

And the bathroom, although bathroom seems the wrong word, now it’s just a shower option. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Photos from my flat – Before I moved in

    1. Thank you. The lack of light was something my mum was concerned about when she heard there were tree’s outside, until she seen for herself, that it wasn’t dark at all.
      I already feel at home here and even more at home after a welcome from a neighbour above and seeing my neighbour yesterday afternoon, who lives below me. There will a community spirit here with these two neighbours. Something which I have missed, because you don’t get that where I currently live, but a street before I lived on, you did.

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  1. Very, very nice! I love how some of the windows go to the floor. You have so much light!!! And room to move around! I am so very happy for you, Liz. From my current experience, it is easier to clean a shower stall, than a tub. I will now go look at your ‘outdoor view’ post. Congrats kiddo! You are a mighty fine creator being. Proud of you!!!

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    1. Thank you, Ren. Yes, it’s so light and airy. Next spring, I will start to decorate, to freshen up, keeping it neutral. Bathroom will be easiest to paint, as it will just be the ceiling with everything else tiled.

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