The view from my flat window, that I love.

I have just shared some photos in a post just before. I realised after posting, I forgot to share the photo of the view I will see, when sitting on my settee, that I love. But I think it deserves a post of it’s own anyway.


This was taken while sitting on a chair, but the view won’t be much different when sitting on the settee. 🙂

This is the view that after looking around the flat, I knew I was going to live here. 🙂

13 thoughts on “The view from my flat window, that I love.

    1. Thank you. Although not quite in yet, it still feels good home. I move in on the 22nd.

      Been pottering about in the flat this afternoon, before I went to work. I set up my 4-tier shelf unit and some storage boxes went in a cupboard, that I had plans for one of the bookcases. But I don’t think the bookcase would fit in there. If it turns out it does, I won’t change it. I have an idea where the second bookcase would fit in the living room, if I still feel I need it. Going back on Wednesday afternoon for a couple of hours, with my friend who helped on Saturday. Xx

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    1. I am going to enjoy the view from here, observing the seasons changes. There’s a particular tree my mum likes, so when she is miles away, I know what she will be looking at.

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  1. You move in around my birthday time, 23rd. How about that? And I can see now, why you fell in love with your new home. You must be ecstatic!!

    I will be there with you, in spirit, during your move-in, to help carry boxes, unpack and to just be someone for you to chat at during the process. Just tell me where you want things put. This is your home! Have it your way! What fun this will be!!!

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