Community spirit

I have discovered the feeling of community spirit again and that was before I moved into my flat. I have missed this and, by knowing there is community spirit here with two neighbours out of six that have introduced themselves and welcomed me, I will certainly make sure I will keep my connection with them and reflect the community spirit back.

Living at my old place as I think I may have mentioned once  in the early years of my blog, everyone kept themselves to themselves. You hardly seen anyone. It has only been about the last two months where occasionally conversation has been made with my neighbour next door.
Where I lived before that, just 10 minutes walk away, that street had a lovely community spirit, whether it was a simple hello, or looking out for you.

I really cannot wait to move into my flat, which was originally for the view, but I will also enjoy the community spirit with my two neighbours and saying hello to anyone else I meet here.
Until I move in, I will be spending some days up there pottering about, or just to sit there before work.

7 thoughts on “Community spirit

  1. That is so beautiful Liz. And always remember, YOU can be the one to create what ever community-spirit you want in your world. (and you are off to a grand start) Just send forth from your heart, what you want, and as it is said, “When you build it, they will come”. Before you know it, you will be having ‘neighborhood block parties’ at your new home. Happy for you!!!

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    1. Thank you. When I have moved in, a thank you card and some chocolates will be delivered to both of them. I know neither will be the type to expect anything, but I hope they will like the appreciation.

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