I will be donating a couple of pieces of furniture

As I visit my flat more and know where my pieces of furniture will be, there will be two pieces of furniture I see that I will donate. My shoe cupboard, which I have owned some years and still in good use and condition and a bookcase that I have owned about a year.
The shoe cupboard is already at the flat, as it was light enough to carry between me and a friend. The bookcase is at my house and I have no plans moving this, or any other piece of furniture, until removal men do it. So once my furniture is all at the flat, I will then make arrangements with a charity to come and collect them.

My shoes will either be on the floor, in a corner of my bedroom, or I may consider getting one of them canvas shoes holders, that hang on the back of a door.

The more I think about these two pieces of furniture, the more I decide to give to charity. 🙂

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