Life update

Just thought I’d give you a little life update.

Friday, I spent day at flat till work. Paperwork I mostly needed to do. But after learning my gas was under the supplier the estate agents said it was, my next job was to contact the right one.

Saturday, my plan was to be at the flat, to just sit and admire my view, but to do some little things, as well as unpack some boxes.
I also met my landlord for the first time, as he arranged to come round that afternoon and see what needed fixing. He did some repairs and others he will do a little later, when he has the things he requires. Another job will be left with a person who is more qualified.
My friend and my mum were at the flat when he came, so I introduced him to them. He seems very pleasant and very welcoming. Unbeknown to him, he has an admirer. My mum.

A TV stand that was already in the flat, I asked him if he was able to store it, as I would not need it. He said I could throw it, as he left it for the next tenant, in case they wanted it. I said it was too good to throw away, so when my furniture is all here, I explained to him that I was already planning on donating a couple of items, so I would donate that if fine with him. He was fine with that.

There is nothing more I can unpack now, until the remainder of my furniture is at the flat.

The little things I did, in between unpacking some boxes was putting up my LED peg lights on a wall and hanging some pictures off the pegs  I had ready for them. Prior to leaving, I placed a couple of sticky hooks on a wall, which a couple of wooden plaques will hang of them.

I was going to put my canvas print of Miley up, but I forgot to bring the tools for the job.

Today, was a relaxing day with a friend.

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