One year today, since you are both gone.


One year today, in the afternoon, since you were both taken from our lives.

I will never forget the day I discovered you were both taken by a careless driver, as you walked home together with your shopping. Finding out the next day via media, my heart ripped apart.
As well as the careless driver to blame, the road is too, for not being marked properly in the direction the driver came, but also for speed limit known for that road, as it has been proven how that road should not be at that speed limit, because you will lose control of your car before reaching it.

The village have got together for you both. Fighting again, to bring the speed limit down and for clear markings, as well as other proposals. As well as the village, I am waiting and I will be proactive also, to see the road speed reduced. I won’t stop until I see it 30mph. It won’t bring you both back, but it means no one else has to go through losing loved ones on that road, like we did.

You may be gone, but you are not forgotten.

Christmas for me, will be like any other year, before you were both taken, which is nothing special, than just relaxing. But Christmas this year for me will be different, as I will be living in Mansfield before then. So when I put up my Christmas tree this year, it will be for you two and to mark a new year for me of further positive changes to come and what ever else it may bring.

RIP Sandra and Michael xxx

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