Not long to go

It’s not long to go, to me moving and I am feeling more excited, when I did not think I could get anymore excited. I am also finding that I am starting to feel excited about Christmas too. I have not had the feeling that I am experiencing towards Christmas, for years. I cannot remember when I felt like this.

I am hoping my gas will be sorted and it in my name by when I next need a shower, but I bet I will be having a shower at mum’s next week at least. The delay with this, is the estate agents said it was under the same company for both electric and gas, but they are wrong when it came to the gas. So I contacted the appropriate one and then I had to answer a few more questions later, which was just a day ago I did this. Once they have these answer, then my top up card would be sent. So now I wait for a few more days, or hopefully less to hear they will send me my top up card, for my meter.

Then there is just another matter to hopefully hear about soon, in making sure it’s in my name and the bills part will be sorted.

Worked out nicely

I thought with the timing of my notice to end tenancy for house, that I would have some rent to pay, but landlord will collect keys end of this month and so I won’t need to. So some of this money saved, will go to two pairs of curtains for my living room windows. I plan to do this before first week is out, living at the flat. 🙂

Landlord had a quick look around the house this week, before he goes on holiday and he was happy with everything. I will next meet him when it comes to handing the keys back. We had a quick chat before he left, with a shake of the hand. He’s been happy with me as a tenant and he will miss me.

Tomorrow, I plan to be at flat for a few hours and my mum will meet me there. Mum is going to make her own way, to see if she gets off at the right bus stop. If she times it wrong, she will be off a stop early.

I’m proud of my mum, as she has done something this week, that would have been out of her comfort zone. My mum has joined a poetry group that meets at a library twice a month. She enjoyed it and plans to go again. Go mum. 🙂

Wednesday, just gone, I decided to visit Titchfield Teahouse for lunch. One of many places in the new area I will be living soon. It was first time here and it won’t be my last. A relaxing place, with good customer service and food. It set me up to continue with next job back at flat, before relaxing until time to go to work.

The speed will be 40mph

The councillor replied back, after I asked if it was going to be 30mph, or if not, what will it be? It turns out the road will be 40mph.
Now as much as I have said I won’t rest until it’s 30mph, I am happy the speed has been reduced from 60mph to 40mph. It might not be the speed I originally wanted to see, but I do know at being 40mph, it will be just as good, because no car is going to lose control at that speed on that particular part of the road.
The road there, will also have an anti slip surface on that bend.
I hope when the new speed signs go up that it is clear in both directions for drivers, what the speed is for that part of the road, because coming from one direction, there was never any before.

11 thoughts on “Not long to go

    1. Me too. My friend drove that way tonight, when taking me home, so I could see what has been done. This has resulted me emailing the councillor again, to check road signs to show speed limit will be put up, because at the moment, there are none.
      This road was never clearly marked before, so I hope they do plan on having speed signs up to show speed limit.

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