I have moved in

So yesterday was my moving day and I now live in Mansfield. Hooray! 🙂
The removal men started at 8am and were done by 8.50am.
I made sure my bedroom was at least set up first and then my living room cosy again; moving, or emptying bags. The rug that usually would go down and n my bedroom was to big for the room and so it’s now down in my living room. The photo below is from my living room, that I just share for today’s post. More photos some time later, after having time to settle in.
Between now and then, I will be sorting out arrangements to donate those pieces of furniture I mentioned in an earlier post.
I also have a few other small bits I don’t want, which I will see if a friend wants first, otherwise I will donate to a charity shop.

I enjoyed my first night at the flat. I look forward to many more days and nights here.

17 thoughts on “I have moved in

    1. Thank you. Being in a different area will be so good for me, as you know. I certainly will cherish every moment.
      As you know, the next move would have been when I got a council flat, but I said to a friend prior to moving in, while we were at flat, that I won’t get anything better than this. (Pointing to the view.) I said to him after, that I think moving as soon as a council flat pops up, I don’t want to move. Not unless when the time comes mobility wise. He said if he was able-bodied like me, he’d be happy little bing there. 🙂
      I shall keep my name on the council list. But I shall see how it goes over the next couple of years, money-wise he charges. If it doesn’t go too steep, I would stay here until I had to move. (Unless buying a property ever happened.) Never know what the future holds. But right now, I shall enjoy the moments here. 🙂

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