My flat at night

Thank you for enjoying and following my journey, to moving into my flat, between other posts here. It’s nice to hear from you, whether here, or behind the scenes of feeling excitement and happiness for me.

I knew once I lived here, that I would use fairy lights to make it cosey at night. I actually bought a set of fairy lights to go round my 4-tier shelf unit and peg lights for my wall, before I moved in. Candles I own already, so I did not have to go out my way for those.

I share photos from my living room tonight. I hope you get a feeling of coziness from them, as I am feeling sitting right here now, typing this post for you.

18 thoughts on “My flat at night

    1. My Christmas tree will be going up early, when my socket is fixed. I have blue fairy lights on my tree. My tree is white by the way. Once my other decorations are on it, it gives the feeling of a frosty tree. Xx

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    1. Thank you for stopping on by and sharing your view. I hardly used candles before, with me once owning my a cat. But now she is no longer with me, the candles are coming out more. Especially scented ones. I look forward to lighting a Christmas scented candle in the next couple of weeks; cinnamon and apple.

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