What I’m grateful for in October

What I’m grateful for, in October.

  • For Nestle Whip (no more walnuts to take off)

Walnut whip and box it came out of in the background

  • For the local library
  • For hot chocolate
  • For my Sharpie pens and pencil crayons
  • For lunch bought by my mum
  • For lunch with my cousin and uncle
  • For help from a friend to move boxes and bags. Also for his help in cleaning a bit of my flat.
  • For my mum ending up liking my flat and helping a little with cleaning.
  • For a welcome and introduction, from a neighbour upstairs, prior to moving in.
  • For the welcome and introduction from my neighbour below me.
  • For both these two neighbours looking out for me.
  • For upstairs neighbour who gave me his spare cold water inlet hose for my automatic washer
  • For my landlord intervening, to get my gas sorted.

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