Where I live

So as I said in, I don’t give a … post, I would talk about where I live. But since that post,  I have moved as you know to Mansfield and with other things, it’s delayed things a little. But here it is.

So Mansfield is no stranger to me, it’s just the first time living here. This is my fresh start, as my regular readers and friends will know, that I desperately needed. It’s close to work, as well as other things.

In the photo below is part of the main road, down the road from me. It’s this part of the road that I have to be really careful on crossing, because the traffic come from different directions here. The road that turns of to the left has three directions you could go, so with that and this main road, it can be chaotic.
I don’t usually like very busy roads, but I am doing really well with it. I suppose it is because when I am at home, with me not really being directly on the road and away from it, that’s what makes it better for me.

Where the road signs are, you will see a bus shelter, which behind there, there is a very small park with seating.

Own the road from here, are where I will follow me shops and, a cinema and a bit further, places like KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Hut, to name a few.


The rest of the photos are taken from a local park, called Titchfield Park and on here, which you will see in the photo below, but also closer up in the photo after, of Titchfield Tea House that I visited and talked about first time round in this post, Not long to go. I totally recommend this place on here.


The photo below, which you may not quite tell, depending on what device you are reading this post on, but the grey area is gravel and there is a group that comes on here playing Boules.


12 thoughts on “Where I live

  1. What a lovely area, the stream is fab! Sounds like a good location for greenery and the park, while being close to amenities. As you say with the busy road, being just off it is good, makes it more manageable and less disruptive. Thanks for sharing the photos. Enjoy your walks and the autumnal scenery as you continue to settle in 🙂

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    1. It is lovely around here. Lol I have not been in McDonalds or KFC while living up here. I’m known for going in McDonalds just for their milkshake. There is another McDonalds in the town centre, so not short. 🙂

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