Life update

It’s 2 weeks and 3 days since moving into my flat. I’m settling in still as I make appropriate changes.


My new curtains went up yesterday, slightly delayed than planned. This was due to the curtain pole above the larger window. The brackets had been bent round the rod, so the only way the curtains were coming down, were to be completely taken down. I ordered new brackets and re-used the curtain pole. So now the rod can come off the brackets, like it’s supposed to.
I was taken by surprise when my new curtains were up, just how it changed the feeling in the flat. (In a positive way.) They are a grey/silver colour, that are velvet.

My washer was connected by the plumber yesterday and after babysitting it today when it came to being on the rinse, I can safely say it will be fine to be left on its own. 😀 This was because when it was tried out while the plumber was there yesterday, it leaked on rinse. Everything was checked by myself and the plumber, so I felt reassured it wasn’t from the pipe at the back, or my washer. The issue could have been that there may have been a slight block in the waste pipe outlet, to cause that. It was obviously the case with not further leaks. After doing a first load, I adjusted the feet on one corner of the washer, as I noticed my washer was moving a fair amount, which surprised me, as it seemed stable. So I shall be observing what it’s like on the next wash when it comes to the spin.

Christmas will be coming early to some, as those that I post my presents to, will be on their way. I have done this so that I knew I had the money to post them, but also not to worry about reminding myself when to post them.

My Christmas tree will be up over the weekend. The unwanted furniture I am donating, is being collected by a charity tomorrow, so once that has happened, my dining table will be moved more away from my settee and nearer to the window on that side of the room, with my Christmas tree in the corner, or front of the window. (Not decided yet.)

Books and DVD’s

I’m enjoying reading, “The Book Thief,” by Markus Zusak. I’m near the end of it and so I should finish this by the weekend. I shall then start on, “Sea Change,” by Robert Goddard.

I am also getting back to where I left off with “Wentworth Prison” and “The Walking Dead.”
I bought “Wentworth Prison,” season 6 and “The Walking Dead,” season 8, on DVD’s. I have started on “Wentworth Prison” first.

7 thoughts on “Life update

    1. Thank you. I’m so glad I bought these ones instead of light grey in satin. These certainly make the room cosier, which I don’t think the light satin grey ones I had my eye on originally would have done.

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  1. Busy times indeed, but the flat is looking great and it sounds like things are going in the right direction even if there are a few niggles having to be sorted out. I love the curtains, wouldn’t mind some velvet ones myself! 🙂

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