Why do people NOT observe the rule, don’t phone?

Utility provider for my gas, now I am in the process of leaving them for another supplier that can provide customer service, is trying to phone me.
They have been informed by myself several times I am deaf and that email/chat is my preferred choice of communication.
They have also been told by my landlord when he had to intervene, to help get my gas sorted because of cutting me off from chat. They were obviously still asking to speak to me, or phone, because he kept reminding them that I don’t hear in the phone. (Whoever was on that end of the phone were thick, or deaf, to not understand clear instructions from my landlord.)
They don’t try once to phone me, they have tried a few times, regardless that I have them now blocked.

The charity that is collecting my furniture, they require a phone number, so the driver can contact me when he is half an hour away. I inform them to make sure the driver knows to text.
I had an unknown mobile number phoning me. I cancelled call and texted and it was them. They have done this before; phone, when I have given clear instructions to text.

Why do people ask for phone number, when you clearly tell them you don’t have one? Or because you say that is not my form of communication and explain why, that they still ask?

Even HMRC are not fully accessible. They don’t provide email as a choice to contact them and as I seen on Twitter, they don’t accept DM via there, due to security. But you can send a query via Facebook private message. That led me  to apologise butting in on this conversation, but I asked HMRC how can you say sending a private message via Facebook, is anymore securer than via a private message on Twitter? I query because I am deaf and you don’t do email, which is my preferred method. Whether HMRC will respond to this question, is another thing.

Businesses everywhere are stepping up, but HMRC are in the dark ages still, because they don’t do email. The same reason, because of security.

Where I now live, the doctors I have registered at, at time of registering, I discovered they were a little bit more accessible than my old doctors. Providing something that other did not and that’s emailing me, if they need to contact me.

It’s a simple request, when I say my phone number is for text only. Please don’t phone. Yet they try to phone?

But it’s not simple to those that I tell and it’s frustrating.

10 thoughts on “Why do people NOT observe the rule, don’t phone?

  1. It really shouldn’t be that difficult for them. Even if they’re too bone-headed to understand that you’re deaf, these days most hearing people probably would prefer to get that kind of communication by text.

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  2. I can imagine that being incredibly frustrated! I agree with Ashley, it really shouldn’t be that difficult for them. I’m sorry you have to keep going around in circles with such idiotic companies who can’t seem to appreciate that a phone call isn’t suitable! Grrr. xx

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    1. The utility company I have blocked, I got a notification of an attempted call. Even that does not give them the hint, that you cannot get through and I shall not unblock them. This is why I hate giving my number out, even when I tell them it’s for text only, I don’t answer calls. Yet they phone. Grrr.

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  3. How very frustrating that is! It is sad that people don’t listen when we share important information with them — or, they listen but ignore what we say. My husband has a complaint with the pharmacy. They call and ask if he wants to be enrolled in their “auto-refill” program. He tells them NO — repeatedly. And yet — repeatedly — they contact him each month to tell him they have prescriptions ready for him even though he’s never asked for them to be filled. It is annoying. Years ago, I worked nights and slept during the day. Every time I had a dental appointment for cleaning the receptionist would phone me in the afternoon to confirm the appointment. How many times did I ask her to make a note to please call me before noon? Maybe these all seem like little things to others, but why can’t people — and businesses and organizations — listen to what we’re saying and take our needs into consideration?

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    1. How frustrating. Yes, businesses should take our needs into consideration and your experiences are further examples of how businesses could do better.

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    1. Yes, companies are slowly getting better, but the experience with this utility provider I am leaving, are proving there is still a long way to go. They are still trying to phone me, regardless I have blocked them. I sent a furious email on that and the rest I have experienced with them and how they have failed me, telling them not to contact me and to remove my number, because my wishes are not being respected. I have warned them that when it comes to my final bill, I will be watching very carefully, because I have not forgotten my experience before, when I had to be with them before for a short while through once again by no choice. Staying their communication with me and amongst themselves is as rubbish and I don’t get how they are still available in business. Especially when other people’s reviews are similar, or same as I am experiencing


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