Frugal living – part 5

I have not done anything new, than doing what I’m doing already, as discussed in past frugal posts.
I am though changing how I cut my hair. I have been using this technique originally, as shared in this post, How to trim your own long hair at home. But now, I use this technique, which you will find in the link below. There are nine variations of how to cut your hair in this link and the one I use is method seven of nine, cutting pigtails.
After using the pigtail method, the only difference I do, is I don’t bring my hair to the nape of my neck, instead, I bring it into a ponytail at the front and point scissors upwards to cut, so not a blunt straight cut on the hair length.

Nine methods of cutting your own hair

The new method I now use, I have been doing a few times now. I changed the technique because I wanted to cut my hair shorter, but using the old technique would have made layers in my hair very short. This technique prevents that and it works for me.
As my hair is wavy, I find cutting my hair wet best, for previous technique I used and the one I use now.

In Frugal Living – part 3 I talked about thing’s I wasn’t going to allow myself to buy, until I ran out. I’m on my last bottle of shampoo now, so when I have run out, I will buy another. I’m also allowing myself to buy hand cream, after running out. But this is the only moisturiser I’m allowing myself, as I still have plenty of the other.

With downsizing from a two bed house, to a one bed flat, I’m hoping to see some savings. My rent is more than before, but I still hope to see some savings when it comes to heating. So this is what I will be observing the coming months.

What have you been doing in the frugal side of things? Anything new, or are you just continuing with what you have done so far?

16 thoughts on “Frugal living – part 5

    1. I still do my menu for the week too. Food budget seems to go well. Now I want to see in regards with heating. I won’t deprive myself of it, but I shall see how heating and electric costs have changed where I live now, to prior. 🙂

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  1. I have been on a ‘I need to buy this and that’ kind of mode. I’ve recently moved from a furnished rental to an unfurnished one – so I do need to buy some things such as a bookcase while my books sit on the living room floor – but I’ve been wanting more than I need + getting upset when I see I can’t afford the prices alone imagine to get all of them at the same time.
    So even though I’ve been buying second hand furniture, this post spoke right to me as I need to just be content with what I have and know that I can still enjoy my house even though it’s not exactly the way I want it to be.

    It’s one of my new year’s resolutions – to be more frugal and try to enjoy the idea of not having much – hopefully I’ll get there.

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    1. You will get there. One time I used to buy things without thinking and spending more than I needed. Enjoy furnishing your place by finding what you really need, than on a whim. What you know is practical for you and what will last. Glad to hear this post serves a reminder to be content with what you have.


  2. I need to get back to living frugal again, I do it ok as long as I write about it on the blog, but once I stopped I started spending again, nothing major just spending on snacks etc that I don’t need. 🙂 I’m doing the same as you though, not buying any toiletry stuff until I’m very close to running out of the one I have, somehow I’ve got enough shampoo to keep me going for a while I think!


    1. 🙂 With me moving recently as you know, I have spent more in snacks and sweets the last few weeks, than I would. I have reigned it in now though. 🙂


  3. I make sure I buy deodorants, make up wipes etc from the pound shop, and try to batch cook meals. Also, writing a visible list of what I’ve bought each time, having it starting back at you makes sure that you don’t forget what you’ve bought and how much for x

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    1. Good tips, although be careful with some things you buy from a pound shop, as sometimes, you can find it a bit cheaper elsewhere. Yes, batch cooking really helps and saves time. 🙂 x

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    1. Now I have got rid of the other pieces that did not fit in my flat and always knowing I am more likely to carry on being in a one bed flat, I am more watchful the same. As for not having to dust, I am the same.

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  4. I used to cut my own hair, but after one not so good (awful) incident years ago I don’t any more, but I go to a cheap hairdressers for a £10 cut but not often (once or twice year). Definitely worth trying though if you’re brave enough because it can be a great way to save pennies 🙂

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    1. I have been used to cutting my own fringe for a long time. But when I first started cutting my own hair using the method I shared on my blog, I was so nervous till I knew it worked. So fine to do it myself.
      The new way I do it now, I did not follow it completely the way it gave, because I was concerned it would go wrong, given past experience when someone cut my ponytail when hair was tied back at the back of my head. So I would never cut that way. 🙂

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  5. I am enjoying your frugal living posts. I have just moved in our home with Chris and we have to learn to budget, pay bills and all the fun that comes with living alone and owning a home! Keep them coming!

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