Craving quietness

The last two weeks I have been craving quietness. I just want silence. This quietness I seek has come on even stronger this past week. So with this and how my body has felt at times the past week, I am looking forward to peace and quiet, where I can with what ever gentle, in between.

7 thoughts on “Craving quietness

    1. I went out as planned this morning and got back home a few minutes ago and goodness, I was ready to be back home for a majority of it. I was going to pop in at my neighbour below, but staying in. I’m best to be on my own for remainder of the today.
      My hearing aids are out for a few hours and when my washing is done, I will then pop them back in and watch a dvd.

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      1. It was ok, but because it was noiser than normal, all I could think of was being at home. Me and my mum left a bit early and had lunch while we were at it and it was quieter there. I then caught bus home.
        Have a lovely day. Hugs to you.

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