An unusual place?

With me having plans originally to have my dehumidifier in my bedroom, it meant I had to make room for it. So out came my coat stand that was in there, which I moved to the bathroom.
But as you know recently, I did not like having my dehumidifier on in my bedroom.

I have liked the idea of not having my coat stand in my bedroom and I think it looks alright in the bathroom, to hang my towels on.

Now I would normally take it strange seeing a coat stand in the bathroom, until mine went in there. But its serving a purpose, by using what I have already.



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8 thoughts on “An unusual place?

  1. great! sounds like your using all available space and using things you have too which is good I think! Im glad you found a workable solution to the problem!

    1. It’s saved money by not buying anything else. I like my coat stand and with me hoping to still one day be living in a council property, I don’t want to decide until then, whether the coat stand stays, or not, as there may be a place for it there. 🙂

  2. Sooooo….perhaps you should stop calling it a coat rack and give its proper new title of towel rack. Problem solved and no need to even think of parting with your new towel rack.
    …and by the way, Liz….
    I LOVE your rack! I have always wanted one like that in my bathroom for towels but never could find one. Apparently I had been looking for the wrong item. Time for me to go shopping! ha ha ha Thanx!

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