Brain fog

OH this is so me.


I have been battling with this today and some other days. If you follow my blog by email, you will have already seen a simple spelling error in my last post just aired. (Which I corrected straight after.) And when you have a phone that likes to be a pain in the arse, when it comes to typing. Well, it just doesn’t help.

Read more about brain fog here, where the above image came from:

10 thoughts on “Brain fog

    1. A lately, I seem to have it bad this year at times. I put it down to the stress and upset and then later this move to settling in my flat. But as things are now settled and I am enjoying my week off work that I was ready for, to experience it as I have done was frustrating. Tiring, by nighttime.

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    1. I have had it before when it came to writing, but a post had been on air for some time, before a friend asked me a question about the post topic, that I then realised.

      This recent one I had, I was battling with it, while writing the whole post. I knew the correct spelling, but seemed to be writing it different. I then correct those words, along with others after, then phone, because of predictive text giving me wrong word, adds to it, that I just did not realise until after I hit publish, that the title was still to be corrected accordingly. I certainly felt brain overload by then.


  1. I struggle with this too, it gets so frustrating! Kind of amusing when you do things like attempt to put the kettle in the fridge or get in your car without carkeys and wonder for a whole minute what it is you’re missing..! xx

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    1. Oh yeah. I have had moments where I am to do something, but did not have on me that I needed to proceed. This was a moment I was having, when I not long moved into my flat and so getting my bearings of the place, which on top doesn’t help. It can be frustrating. Xx

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