Looking for that extra work

In What excites you about the future? I talked about how I need the extra hours and how nothing came up suitable, as it would clash with when I would do overtime at the weekend at work, on jobs I had seen.
Today, I had an opportunity to discuss my concerns with the one who is in charge of us. She told me not to worry if I found work that involved mornings on a weekend, as something would be worked out when it came to using the machine to scrub floors. She said to me, not to struggle money-wise by holding off jobs I would have been fine with. She totally understood. So if I find a morning cleaning job and it includes/involves weekends, I shall go for it, if it sounds right. I was going to leave proper job hunting I had planned until after the New Year, with the exception of those that come in my email inbox. (Job alerts.) But now I shall start contacting all different businesses near where I live, sending them my CV and see what happens with that, while also keeping an eye on those email job alerts.

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