What excites you about the future?

This question, “What excites you about the future?” is something I have had in the ideas section of my folder for my blog, for some time. It’s a question I look at time and time again, that I feel I can’t answer fully. I have nearly crossed this idea off my list, but here it is, now aired.

Can I answer it now?

I can in some way, but I still feel my feelings on this question, don’t feel right.

What excites you about the future?

For me, I was excited about the future the minute I started working where I am. Further excited when I got to live in Mansfield and finally leave Sutton-in-Ashfield behind.

I feel contented now I am living in Mansfield and it has made more of a positive effect on me, than I realised it would. I love my job still, but the regular hours and possibly more I was hoping to get there, has not happened. Words said in the past, has not happened. It feel I’m still just surviving, while on low hours and I do need something else in a morning. On the job hunting front, it has been quiet, or it has clashed with my current job.

I’m looking forward to the future, but I can’t say I am excited about it. I still want to be living in a council property and when I can start to bid again, as in a fixed term for 12 months before it just carries on after that, where I can put a months notice in when the time comes to wanting to move. I’m hoping I won’t have many years on the council waiting list and that my luck comes up.

I can say I am looking forward to the future, but when I observe how I feel about this question, I am not excited about it.

This may surprise some.

What excites you about the future? Or do you kind of feel the same, or similar?

9 thoughts on “What excites you about the future?

  1. I think feeling some degree of contentment counts for more than anything else sometimes, there’s no pressure there will looking at the past or to the future. It’s good there are things you can say you’d like to happen etc even if you don’t feel excitement about it necessarily. I dread the future, I probably shouldn’t answer this question!! x

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    1. Thank you for the reassurance. I was wondering if I was right feeling as I am, but yes, I must remind myself that the feeling of contentment, is a positive thing.
      Sorry to hear you dread the future, I have one time, for a long time felt that and it’s not a nice feeling. Xx

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  2. I was unhappy with my location and job, so I moved across the US. I found a location that I LOVED within 2 years, but I spent 5 years in a job that was not ideal. I think sometimes one thing changes first, then you go looking for the other.

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