Chit-chat pets – How having pets changed my life

Feeling alone as a child because of being bullied, not feeling I belonged and not many friends, having pets were my lifeline, as a child.
Budgies were first, then canaries. Then later, when I was 9 years old, I had my first dog, a collie cross, who I named Brin.
I loved taking him for walks. I was always out with him and I loved the responsibility of looking after him. He was my best friend. The story as you know if you are a regular reader becomes sad later, which I won’t repeat here, as there are posts on here, that I wrote as I dealt with the trauma it left me with as an adult.

My next pets were cats in my teens. We had two kittens. First one a tabby who we named Lucy, then 6 months later, we owned a black cat who we named Smokey, because of how her fur shown different colours in the light.
Lucy disappeared at the age of 3 years old. I still say she packed her bags that day, after she hissed and growled at Smokey for the first and last time. (Smokey was domineering.)
I then had Lady, a stray, who was a tabby. We came across her, while searching for Lucy. Smokey soon realised her domineering days were over. They each knew to keep away from the other, while living in the same house. Lady came with me when I moved out into my own place. I knew for a long time before Lady came along that Smokey could not come with me. My mum loved her and although Smokey enjoyed her fuss from me, she was a mummy’s girl. So it was best she stayed with her. But by the time I moved out, it was some months or a year before when Smokey had to be put to sleep, due to her health deteriorating further.

Lady seemed to be aware of my deafness I learnt, as we lived together. She’d let me know when the post arrived. For how long she had been trying to tell me this, before I realised, I don’t know. For this, it meant Lady was even more special to me.

When Lady passed away, it took me nearly 4 years, before owning another cat, which was Miley. Miley had to be put to sleep this year, in March, as you know,after her not being well. She had cancer, for those new to this blog.

In the time of Lady’s passing and before acting Miley, I owned a hamster, who I named Bubbles. For a little thing, I felt huge love off her.

Owning pets has given me a reason to live, while something to care for. At very difficult times as an adult, when I used to find it difficult to get up in a mornings, by owning a pet meant I had to get up. After all, who is going to feed them otherwise?

Difficult nights, with a cat who was there when I got home from work, was comforting. I would feel happy again even, especially when receiving love off Miley in particular. She soon put a smile on my face.

6 thoughts on “Chit-chat pets – How having pets changed my life

  1. Thank you to everyone’s comments. Yes, pets are so special to us, no wonder we think of them as family.
    They are there for our attention and without judgement, as already said here.
    They can pick up on our feelings I believe, knowing whether to keep a distance and observe us, or come to comfort.
    No wonder pets are special and close to our hearts. X


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