Chit-chat December


After reading ‘Sea Change,’ by Robert Goddard, I finished off reading, that I started a couple of months before, ‘The Richest Man In Babylon,’ by George S. Clason. I downloaded this for free, from somewhere, as a PDF file on my phone. This was a book that some of you may remember, that was recommended to me via one of my frugal posts.
It took a little motivation to read it and I could not believe what I was reading. It’s true, for an old book, it can be applied to modern times. I see why this book is popular.

The next book I started reading, that I have mentioned before, was ‘Forgive Me,’ by Lesley Pearse. I have been fully gripped by this book from the start and I read it within the week. I plan to read more, from this author.


Due to low-income and within a certain threshold of savings, I am entitled to help still. I delayed sorting it because I was mentally drained with moving and from sorting out the gas issue I had. Near the end of last month, I applied for my council tax, but learnt for the housing benefit part, I would have to apply for Universal Credit for that. Alarm bells ring for me when I hear the word Universal Credit, because I do not trust it at all. On top of this, you hear other negative stuff about it.
Although I wasn’t going to apply, I created my account and went through the application, just to see if my views would change and to see if something I wondered on, was true. After filling in and checking the information I gave, I hit the submit button, (or whatever it was) and the next page that came up, said to receive Universal Credit, I would be expected to seek more working hours, as agreed by my workcoach, or words similar to that. You check the box if you agree and submit. I did not. Instead I logged out.
I am all for wanting more work, but I won’t be bound under their pressures and targets to receive help with my rent. I would rather my money be tight and seek another job in my own time, than their standards. I won’t have unneccessary stress for it. It would be like signing on the dole again.
And don’t forget, because my hours change each month, depending on if overtime is more or less, or no overtime at all, I have to make sure I am totally on the ball letting them know of this, while writing down what ever work I have to hunt for in what ever way, they want me to. To me, that is not worth the aggro.

As for looking for work, if I do see any jobs going that interest me and it involves weekend work, I’m not going to say no to it anymore. As I said in Looking for that extra work, from chatting with that person about this and how I always did not apply, because I held off to keep myself free for them, I will now not hold off any longer, now I know she understands and is fine. Not wanting to see me short. So as I said in that post, which you will not have seen in your reader of your dashboard, as when I hit publish, it did not air on the actual date I wanted it to air and for some reason it aired on an earlier date, so not visible for the day it should have done. (One of them days again.) So you might like to read that post.

DVD’s for Christmas

End of last month, I bought a couple of DVD’S to watch over Christmas. I bought, ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ and ‘A Christmas Story.’

That’s all I have for this chit-chat post and an early one too. 🙂

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