Photos from the flat – after I have moved in

Here are photos from my flat, after I have moved in. Well, not straight after moving in, as I shared a little of that before with you. This instead, is after living in my new place for a bit.



18 thoughts on “Photos from the flat – after I have moved in

  1. Looks very nice!
    Hope you don’t mind me asking, how do you find it living on your own? I’m going to be moving out and living on my own and slightly not looking forward to it! I did it once before and hated it, however I keep telling myself that things are different now and it’ll all be ok! Any tips on getting used to it?

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    1. I have enjoyed every minute on my own. Only time I lived with someone, was when I was married, which lasted two years. After that, my first place on my own was just before I reached 30. I’m now 42. I don’t ever plan to live with anyone.
      I don’t really have any tips to getting used to it, with me being used to it. All I say is, cook nice meals, have things to do in, or out, so you have a bit of a routine.
      Night times may feel worser than any other time, but try and make the nights special for you. It could be curling up with a book, the TV, or listening/dancing to music.

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      1. Thank you! Looking forward to singing/dancing on my own, sorry to the neighbours!
        I’m trying to make plans to visit the area as much as I can before I officially move there, just so I know the area and hopefully meet a few people. I think its mostly in my head, and once I’ve got used to it I’ll be fine!

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      2. You’re welcome. Yes, visiting the area is certainly helpful. It will be just nerves more like that you are having, basing on probably before. Brains play tricks sometimes, that we don’t realise. I hope it all goes well for you.
        I already knew the area, but now I am living in it, I am certainly spotting more things.


    1. This place has felt like home the minute I seen it and it’s grown on me even more.
      I still have my name on council list, as keeping my options open. But I can’t move until my yearly contract is up, so it will be just over then when I can accept any offers from council. I shall bid now and again in places I won’t have a chance with, so I don’t have myself took off list due to inactivity.

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