My email to WordPress, after …

After what I announced last night, after coming across my email regarding the price for personal plan this blog is currently set as, I felt I needed to email them at WordPress. I have never emailed them before, but after sleeping on what I discovered and announced last night, after making my decision that wasn’t hard to make, I felt I needed to air my thoughts to them. This was my email:

When I first signed up for a domain at £36, although this was expensive to me, I was happy to pay for my own domain for a blog that I just write for personal. Especially when I have been happy with WordPress. But after an email yesterday that it tells me it’s going up to £58 when I add the total combined, I wasn’t able to condone or afford that price for something I don’t earn money from.
If the price was reflected from the start of what it goes up to, I would never have bothered and kept it just as a free domain. I feel I have been duped and I am not happy. This should have been clearly explained from the start, like other websites do. And no, I am not paying to avoid the hike when I don’t know what lies ahead in price. I don’t want to be airing a new domain for nothing.

As you know, I cancelled my subscription the minute I received that email and my readers have been informed what will be happening to my blog.

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  1. I had a reply off them and I wasn’t happy with their response. Basically thanking me for sharing my thoughts and telling me what I already now know.

    WordPress duped me and I can see I am not alone.
    They never made it clear from the start like other providers do, what it will go up to, after first year and this is what has angered me the most. I feel that WordPress have just brushed me under the carpet.

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    1. I’ve noticed it’s the same with a lot of hosting companies that you get a great price the first year, then it’s small writing somewhere about what it will increase to (which is why I changed after my first year with the first one I had, to take a new offer with a new provider; a lot of hassle but it’s not like I’m raking in money to pay for the damn thing). For such a mammoth company be it WordPress or Amazon or nPower, it can be very hit and miss; some care about their customers and seem happy to do whatever they can to help, others treat customers as a number and simply don’t care because they’re so small. I’m sorry you’ve had such a rubbish experience with the whole thing. Have they confirmed you’ve cancelled okay so that it won’t renew? Make sure that’s in writing from them.xx

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      1. It’s all cancelled. It’s on my dashboard and when someone from WordPress who replied said it too.
        A website I used some years ago for my handmade cards, they were clear cut with their prices. Nothing hidden in the small print.

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