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The atmosphere at work seems to be there still and again, at end of shift, someone does not seem to have their sense of humour, so she snapped and left me feeling upset. Not that she probably noticed, as I kept quiet after that and left her to it still muttering, while I watched, before leaving the room. (Before, on  another occasion, it was me that snapped, because I was sick of being dragged into the other thing that has caused this atmosphere, that I cannot go into.) Along with how I am feeling as a HSP and also the sensitivity to sounds I am having at the moment, that did not also help.

As I mentioned in comments on another post, that something went off at work causing now what is an atmosphere. As a HSP, I struggled with this and I talked in earlier posts how I craved my week off for quietness, which I had.
Also prior to my week off and coming back, I decided to take myself away from it by sitting somewhere else, till time for work. If I did not do this, I made sure that I arrived at work enough to put my tabard on and my safety shoes, so that by the time I’d done that, it wouldn’t be long before time to start. Doing this, helped me to not pick up all this atmosphere, which I felt closely I would feel the need to be off work sick otherwise, if I didn’t.

Slowly, the past week, I have been rejoining. But I can tell it’s still there and after tonight, I am upset. But I am reminding myself that she is upset for whatever her own personal reasons, whether be it work issues, or what started the atmosphere as a whole for all of us and that I am sensitive to all this, down to me being HSP.
I remind myself as I am at home tonight feeling upset, that this will pass. That I love my job and it’s just the atmosphere that is spoiling it.
But next week and onwards, I plan to be there just to work and only speak when it’s to do with work. If I am earlier than expected, I will go back to sitting by myself, only speaking to certain colleagues individually during shift, in passing. I don’t want to be dragged into this atmosphere. I have had enough. I am there for work, nothing else.

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    1. Thank you.
      I wear uniform at work, so no light clothing, except for my winter coat.
      It will be keeping away and a lot of self-care.
      I emailed the manager about the atmosphere and how it is affecting me. I have said how a particular room she suggested to me, when I had enough of their negative views some months back, I have been using. Especially recently, because of how I felt it was making me ill before my week’s holiday I last had. I mentioned how I slowly re-joined this past week, but seeing it’s still there and then what went off at end with a colleague, without mentioning names and why, so that she knows next week, I will go back to keeping myself to myself in that room if I am ever early at work. Otherwise, I shall try and time where by the time I get there and it’s come to putting on my safety shoes and tabard, it will be straight to work. So she hears it from me first, why I am sitting away at start and end of shift.


      1. Yes, she is very supportive. Luckily I have my own work area and when we need to work as a team, we all do a part of what ever needs to be done. So the atmosphere I pick up is before shift and at end. As long as I am not early, or if I do and sit elsewhere, I shan’t pick it up too much.
        I am feeling drained and a little low from Friday night. But after sleeping on it, I am glad to be emailing this particular person, just to fill her in in me. So she knows why I am sitting regular where she recommended, or being quiet.

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