I have a new visitor, the elf …

Yes, the Elf on the Shelf is in my home today and he has been making himself at home.

I have not given him a name yet. Would you like to name him? If so, please leave it in the comments below and I will keep this post open for so long, depending on how many join in and when I have decided on the name. I thank you in advance for anyone that would like to suggest a name for me. The only name I won’t be choosing unfortunately, is Elfie. There are a lot of elf’s about called, Elfie, including one at work that one of the cleaners bought and named.



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4 thoughts on “I have a new visitor, the elf …

    1. Thank you. Glad it made you smile. I know I am having fun with this and even more with work colleagues getting in on it. 🙂

      I have picked some names for this one. Names I have down on a list are Happy, Pixie, Buddy, Nick and Noel. I am thinking Noel at the moment. (There are some other names, but they are more I feel for female elf’s.);
      Another one is coming tomorrow, hopefully. A work colleague is getting me one. She did not see any wearing black and white, as she was hoping to get one of those too, as she has the one I have in same colour, that she has owned a few years now. But she has seen some wearing a green hat and she can’t remember if it was green, or a red top. I’d said I would have that one. So if they have not gone, I should be getting him tomorrow night.


      1. I think that’s what I will call him, Noel. The other one is apparently has a name, with what it said on card for product. Shall see what I do when that one arrives, which will either be Eddie as on card, otherwise, I may call it Nick, or Buddy. 😀

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