Noel says, “Who’s been naughty?”

Noel is a little upset. He is wondering who may be naughty. Or more in this case, a little rude.

Noel was naughty, or as in Noel’s eyes, he was having fun when he drawn on the oranges. Do you remember this photo in an earlier post?

Elf drawing on the orange
Drawing on the orange

But he is finding that some have let their imagination get away with them.

I am relieved to say that when I took the photo of this, when he was naughty for drawing on an orange, or as in Noel’s view, he said he was having fun, that some have not been laughing because of the orange. A couple of people he has learnt were looking at the photo in a different way, before seeing the drawing on the orange.

Noel’s naughty list for seeing the photo in a different light to actually what it is, are so far:

  • The author of this blog’s, mother; Doreen.
  • One of the authors friends of this blog, Andrew.
  • Another friend of the author of this blog, Sarah.

Naughty. Naughty. Noel says.

Now be careful viewers how you comment, as children may be reading. But when you first seen the above photo in this post; I have a new visitor, the elf …  Were you naughty?
Comment below: with just the word, “naughty,” if you were laughing at something different and did not see the drawing on the orange first, or with just the word, “nice,” because you were laughing at the drawing he did on the orange.

Noel doesn’t expect anyone to admit if they were naughty, or nice, but he will find out. Noel said he was having fun drawing on the orange and did not plan on staging anything else in that photo. If you thought different, Noel says that’s your own naughty self and he cannot be held responsible for your thoughts. 😉

(Remember, this post is just for fun.)


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20 thoughts on “Noel says, “Who’s been naughty?”

      1. Yes, that’s what I saw first. He was naughty with his own by drawing on the orange. At least it was just a smiley face and not something worse!

      2. Noel is happy to hear that. Your name is on the nice list he says. 🙂

        Noel plans to share this post with Santa. He is also waiting to tell my mum off when she comes for Christmas. 🙂

  1. That’s a polite way of putting it. Mum and Andrew seen that first, before the drawing on the orange. They thought that I had been rude and done it intentionally. I said that wasn’t the intention, it’s Noel being naughty drawing on the orange.
    My blog cannot be doing naughty things and I certainly wasn’t thinking of that when posting.
    I was shocked in particular that Andrew really thought I had done that on purpose. I am happy to say I am not on the naughty list for this one.

    1. No, you’re not on the naughty list. You had a clear mind and nice intentions when you did it.
      The pen was the first thing I saw. My brain is obviously in the gutter! But it gave me a giggle 🙂

      1. Lol. Although I had no rude intention on this post, it made me laugh after discovering there are a few viewing it differently.
        Me and the elves cannot be held responsible for those who had that thought. There will be no rude posts here of the elves. My blog is open to all, so can’t have rude images.
        I may be rude at times in this way behind the scenes in this way, but I have not been for a long time and so last thing came to mind.

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