I am so glad they are down and out.

Remember when I blogged about my move to where I live currently and how for two weeks, the supplier I was contacting during that time, (once I knew it was them,) left me two weeks without heating? In the end, you will remember that it took my landlord to sort that out for me.
Well, I shall name and shame them. It was Economy Energy that failed me due to no customer service what so ever. Last week, they were under Ofgem, but I learnt yesterday, they ceased trading. I am so happy to hear this, because now don’t ever have to worry about coming across them again, should and when I one day move again.
But unfortunately, when it comes to the utility provider I moved to, which is Spark Energy, before all the above happened with other above provider, I am now having issues with them too.
I am not having problems with the gas meter that I moved across from Economy Energy, which I moved over to them because first impressions seamt ok. It’s now the electric. The electric meter I have been with them since day one I have been in this flat. They have regular monthly meter readings. But I am noticing that they have only ever used one reading and the rest have been estimates. I have heard different excuses to the same complaint, by different staff. I am not happy. I don’t trust these now and I have lost faith. I even provided photos of my meter capturing both my readings rate 1 and rate 2, making sure that reference number on meter was visible too, so they know I am taking my meter and no one else’s and they said it wasn’t clear. So a follow-up email continued where I said what part is not clear for you? Did you zoom in the photo if required, stating how I have shown these to someone else and they can see them and not seen my meter. I told them if they don’t accept those photos, then they can send someone out to read it. I also said I would be contacting Ofgem. I then received a reply from someone different, who said thank you to those readings and my updated bill is now attached. But looking at bill, they still did not use my readings. So another email followed and now I have a new different answer.

I have stated very clearly to Spark Energy that I am not happy, I don’t trust them and I have no faith in them. I want this dealt with by a supervisor and only by that one person to completely deal with this issue, because I am sick and tired of hearing different excuses to my same problem. Which they still not using that latest reading.
I have also raised something else about my account that I am now questioning. Why are there readings before 1st October 2018, when my tenancy did not start until 1st October 2018? I also stated that I did not move in until 22nd October 2018. Again, what they know already, when I first contacted them, letting them know I am the new tenant.

I have emailed Ofgem about everything that has been said between me and Spark Energy, along with how happy I am to hear Economy Energy are no longer around, telling them of my experience with them.
I also added in the email to Ofgem that whose idea was it that we have to put up with the utility provider first already there at the property I move into, until transfer has taken place of my preferred supplier? It should go back to how it was before, where you could take your supplier straight across with you, then I would not have to the crap experience I am having, that is unnecessarily stressful.

Here is the new report from Independent: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/economy-energy-bankrupt-bust-administration-customers-limbo-gas-electricity-supplier-ofgem-a8717776.html%3famp

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    1. I can’t believe I am having it again when it comes to my meters here. This time with other one I had from the start and that seamt to go ok. With this and another thing not related that has gone off, that I can’t blog about, is really kicking my anxiety off.

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      1. I have a similar thing going on too and it’s driving me nuts! The key here is to remember that clearly you’re dealing with idiots who just don’t care. It’s only a job to them, but it’s your life that’s being affected. Go to the highest person you can, be polite but absolutely clear and don’t let emotion get in the way. Keep me posted! Katie x

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      2. I will keep you posted. It is still going on and I am insisting since yesterday that it goes to someone higher. So far, from latest email, I see this is not happening. So I have once again reminded them on this while attaching what they now ask for, which is my tenancy agreement.
        As they have clearly not accepted the offer of coming themselves to read my meter which would solve the issue that very second, I have now said that I expect compensation for this hassle and stress. Saying that I should be enjoying where I am now living, but finding I am not able to, because what you are all doing.
        I also reminded them how the initial reading they also had as photographs as well, as I came across the evidence last night in my file, which were taken by the estate agents at the time I was there.

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      3. Thank you Katie. As much as this is draining me, no they are not winning and they are not getting away with it. Ofgem got back to me. When I take it further, it’s not them, but Ombudsman. X

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  1. I sent an email this evening informing them that while they are sorting out my account for my electric, they also need to sort out my account for the gas too.
    I did not join Spark Energy for my gas until December, yet that account has one reading before then in November. I wasn’t even with them, because I was still with the other pathetic company mentioned in post. :/


  2. Argggghh damn energy companies, hardly any experiences are positive ones! Hadn’t heard of Economy Energy but I’m glad they’ve gone too, not sure I’d even heard of Spark Energy actually. Sorry you’ve had such frustrations to deal with 😦

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