I have changed my primary domain as planned

As I announced in IMPORTANT INFORMATION for my followers of this blog! and reminded in a post this year, that I would be moving my blog address back to the free WordPress address. So instead of seeing https://mywellbeingandlearningjourney.com you will be seeing how it was originally when I first started; https://mywellbeingandlearningjourney.wordpress.com/ from today.

As I warned in post; IMPORTANT INFORMATION for my followers of this blog! this may affect readers that have come to follow my blog while I was on the paid domain.
Now although I have changed my domain back early, the paid domain does not expire until later in the year. (Details in that above post.) So if you want to carry on following me and later in the year you find you cannot see me, just remember to find me back at my free blog address: https://mywellbeingandlearningjourney.wordpress.com/

Thank you.