So update regarding issues with Spark Energy

If you have been following comments in this post, I am so glad they are down and out you will know an additional email was sent later in the evening on the 10th January, to inform them that while they are looking into the electric, they also need to be looking into the gas account as well. This was because I noticed a reading on my gas account for November, yet I did not join them with my gas until December. This reading is higher than I make my own reading as well. So another mistake I have noticed with my account, which still gives me no vote of confidence at all and possibly further unnecessary stress with this company.

The morning of the 10th January, I had to scan my tenancy agreement. So my morning was wasted doing that and learning how to send it all in one go, in an email. (A zip file, that I have never done before.)

I am hoping with the quietness of it all that they are seriously sorting this.

I have said to them that I expect compensation for this unnecessary stress, because I have said to them, come down and see the meter yourself and it will be sorted that very second, but you have not arranged anything. I provide what you want, but so far not correcting anything. Now I provide my tenancy agreement, but I have no faith.

I heard from Ofgem. It’s the Ombudsman that I will need to contact, when it comes to complaining. Spark Energy have until next month, when their 8 weeks is up and if it’s not sorted by then, it’s a complaint to Ombudsman. If I hear before from Spark Energy, but not sorted and they don’t plan to, I can write before.

This, as you know has affected my health, as I said in this post, Mental health can so easily slip.

I pay my way. It’s how I was brought up, to pay bills first. I find it very upsetting that I am treated like this. Especially when I have provided the proof.

I have had enough the past couple of years and this is supposed to be a fresh start. But with this discovery and issues now with Spark Energy, they have put an unnecessary cloud over my home. (Not forgetting the crap with other supplier, that took my landlord to sort.)

I will keep you updated on this, as I know more myself.

5 thoughts on “So update regarding issues with Spark Energy

    1. Yes, it is and I still can’t believe it.

      I replied to an email I seen this morning, that was sent later last night by Spark Energy. I have gave, again, my first gas meter reading, even though I have repeated myself already this and I was told my electric readings have been updated. Which my response to that I don’t have any confidece that you have, but I will be checking and if I find it’s not, I will be straight back to you.
      Well I went straight to my historic readings and all is still the same there. Nothing has changed that it should have been, so an email straight back to them as I said I would. But I did see on another page I am on before this, that my meter readings were finally on there. But I am still not convinced the problem is fixed, because here, they still have the much higher readings prior to that as well as the historic page not corrected at all accordingly.

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  1. Jeeees, why don’t they make it easier for themselves and just see the meter and clear things up?! Monumental hash job they’ve made of things. I can imagine this being hugely frustrating and disheartening, but please try to take care of yourself. Have faith that you can deal with whatever happens, and that things will get resolved, eventually..xxxx

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  2. So as I mentioned in the comments of this post; I am finally communicating with the manager, at Spark Energy. This started Sunday afternoon. It’s still ongoing, but it’s going in the right direction and fingers crossed, no more problems down the line.
    I shall update on this in a February post, rather than earlier.
    In the meantime, going to close this post to further comments.


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