Book review: “The Spirits of Myndd Eira,” by Rosie Rees

This is the authors first written book. “The Spirits of Myndd Eira,” by Rosie Rees and after how much I enjoyed reading this book, I felt I had to share my review here.

The character in the book, Rosie, runs away after another betrayal. She finds herself in a sleepy village of Myndd Eira. There she discovers some secrets and mysteries that she soon becomes part of, accepting reality isn’t what it seems. Tragedy strikes and it’s a battle between light and darkness.

I started chuckling in first couple of paragraphs of reading this book and in parts further in.

As well as laughter, there were also years and some on the edge of the seat stuff.
I love how the story is told and the way it is written. I was hooked all the way through, which meant I finished reading the book within 3 days. I could not put it down.
I could imagine the place, the characters and feel their feelings.
I can’t wait to read more books from this author.

You will find her book available on Amazon.

Link to Rosie Rees Facebook page.

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