Tainted view

It’s been over three months since signing tenancy for place where I now live and it will be three months later on in the month when I will have lived here. But this view that I love and still love, is tainted.

My window clear of condensation than its ever been

It did not help that this view was starting to get tainted by one energy utility  company and then on to another. But that’s not the reason that this view has become tainted.

It’s tainted because of an incident that happened and that I witnessed through the spyhole on my door, early January.
I can’t go into further details on this here, but I am not happy with the neighbour opposite, because they were the ones that put me in fear to start with, making me think it was my door. But it wasn’t, it was them, with their door. (I assume they locked themselves out.) But the other neighbour from upstairs who looks out for me, I am not happy with him either, with how he handled the situation. He alone could have been arrested for what he was doing and holding in his hands! If I wasn’t already terrified enough, my heart was racing more and I did not get much sleep after this, resulting in me not feeling well through lack of sleep, as well as a nervous wreck, the next day.

I am hoping the neighbour above knows what I seen and how the whole incident has effected me. If he knows, it’s because the neighbour below will have told him. I told him to tell him and to tell those neighbours opposite too.
I am guessing he has passed this message on, to the neighbour above, because I have not seen him as I would normally in passing.

With this and what I have noticed with my flat in general some weeks after moving in, as well as other issues where there are tenants that do not treat the place with respect and think if others, I do partly regret moving in. But I only say partly, because moving to Mansfield had to happen and if I wasn’t in Mansfield now, I don’t know how I’d be mentally. That benefit alone outweighs how I feel in general about the flat. But to move again, after my contract ends, I cannot afford to do that. Not while I am in the situation money-wise, as I am. I need another job and save for a few years if I am to contemplate another move, before being in a council property. As those of you that have been following my blog for some time now, you will know that the only next move I had in mind originally, was a council property if renting, otherwise if I was lucky to afford to buy, then that would have been my move.

I may have slept well since that incident and feel safe, except for the time with stress caused by Economy Energy, then followed by Spark Energy, but the incident has left me feeling jumpy in my home. I have noticed I do jump to noises, I would not have jumped at before.

At the time nearer to when it happened, because I was in a state, my mum knew something had gone off. I couldn’t tell her though, because I know she would not relax if she knew. I could only reassure her that it wasn’t her and it wasn’t me.

9 thoughts on “Tainted view

  1. Oh crikey, I’m so sorry it’s not going quite to plan. But as you say, you needed the move and getting to Mansfield was a huge step in the right direction. I don’t know what happened, but you certainly shouldn’t live in fear and if you witness things it may be an idea to record any incidents just in case. Hopefully it’s all passed, which just leaves the whole energy company issue. Things can and will improve, try to continue enjoying the view and remember the reasons you moved, the way it’s benefited you. I really hope you’re okay xxxx

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    1. I have made note of that incident, just in case I ever need that in future. I don’t like knowing what I seen the neighbour above have in his hands and I hope I never regret not reporting that. But if he ever has that in his hands again, which I doubt it and I hope I am right on that, I will contact the police.
      The neighbours opposite me, the rest in the block are fed up with and after how it was them that originally kicked the whole thing off and disturbing me, I can say I am annoyed with them too.

      The energy thing is fine now I am in touch with the manager. Time will tell down the line with the rest.

      Money-wise, it has been difficult this month. Mum gave me some money for food, while I may have to still touch savings a bit for bills.
      I am doing quite a bit of overtime this week, which will make pay nicer in March. I am hoping for finding something extra still in a morning.

      I have love for my flat, but not the way I did. The view has not changed, except tainted. I’m not going to freshen the flat up in the way I was originally planning painting wise. Now it will just be my bedroom that I will just paint the walls and just ceiling in kitchen and bathroom.

      I am feeling low at times and the fatigue is there still, but not as bad.

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      1. I’m curious as to what he had in his hands, but whatever it was, I also hope it’s not seen again either. I’m sorry money is so tight, always makes things more stressful. I’m glad you’ve managed to pick up some overtime though, and that the energy side of things is sorted, hopefully. I’m not surprised you’ve been feeling low at times, the situation hasn’t been ideal. Hang in there. Do you have plans to go out at all, maybe on the weekend for coffee, anything like that? Please try to do something nice for yourself, hang in there  ♥
        Caz xx

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      2. I have had to cut down with going out, as with no money, but I am seeing a friend Sunday and I shall have a cuppa if something then, before going back to his for the day.

        Saturday, I hope to see my uncle

        To say I have been suffering fatigue, it has not affected my overtime I am doing. I feel great, after this shift, other than feet throbbing a bit from all the walking around the building I have to cover on that shift. After doing my shift, I will imagine I will sleep well. 🙂

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