Post update on the hand that gives, is also the hand that can bite!

A short post to update on the The hand that gives, is also the hand that can bite! post.

I have been looking around the council website and realised that the request of it going further to the Review Board I made is probably the wrong direction, because it is not about the money, it is about the service and also that letter I received where I was judged. So I have sent another email on this, saying just that and where my complaint will be going, because I do expect an apology for that judgement made.

I have also requested that I would like a copy of the statement I signed back in November 2018, so I can check nothing has been edited since it left my hands and that if they don’t like that, that I say, then to imagine just how I was feeling with their judgement they made. I want that copy sent to me within the next three weeks by post, or email.

Once I have that and I have checked that is fine, I shall write my formal complaint – stage 1 process. The form I have downloaded ready for it.

4 thoughts on “Post update on the hand that gives, is also the hand that can bite!

  1. Oh Liz. You really have got on with it. I really do wish you giid luck. These bloomin Councils and people need ankick up the backside. I don’t know what happened and how and why they were judging you, but it happens all too often, and it is just horrible. I too get jydged badly very often, too! And the feeling is just awful. Hope you get what you want out of them Luz x

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    1. Thanks.
      I just want acknowledgement of their mistake and also now an apology for the thing they made out, as mentioned in my posts. Nothing else. X


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