For the first time tonight, I did not want to go home.

For the first time tonight, (on 29th January) I did not want to go home after work.

I left my home at 3.30pmwith plans for a visit at a cafe, have a drink, while using WiFi. Instead, I left upset, shaky and went straight to work.

This post is completely the opposite of what I have in draft, that I written earlier today. I thought I was going to air a post describing how my January did not end up being so blue. But now, I write how I have had enough.

So what caused me to be upset?

The neighbour upstairs. That neighbour I said in an earlier post that he had something in his hands that could get him arrested.
Once again, he has allowed his dog to foul my door mat outside. He has come back from walking his dog and it has pissed on my door mat and there is shit on the mat opposite. I discovered this about 3.30pm. This is not the first time this has happened.

I told all at work. My boss being supportive. No one from police hub was available at that point to speak to today, as they have a changeover at around that time I start work. But tomorrow, I will be speaking about everything.

About how 5th January this year, that moment I witnessed through my spyhole of  neighbour who lives above, waving a shotgun around. Yes, that is what he had and yes, I now say it here, that I felt I could not say here in Tainted view.

I will be mentioning this dog fouling he is doing, showing photos taken today and how it’s happened before.

I will also be revealing my concerns of the neighbour above, who likes to throw his cigarette butts carelessly out the window. I have watched a couple this year land in a bush, smoking away still. My concern is when summer comes, if we have a good one, that there is a risk of a fire, because of this carelessness.

Today has left me pasty, with me being shaky today, because I have had enough. But work has been supportive. Including my landlord, after I filled him in.

Now tomorrow is tell all with this, to a warden from police hub. This is all new experience to me, when this happens tomorrow.

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    1. Thank you.
      This neighbour has lived here some years. My landlord says he is harmless, but understands my concerns. I would have said he was alright too and a neighbour that looks out for you as he did that night. But how he did it, he shouldn’t have done. Certainly be in trouble with law for that. I certainly was not expecting this either.
      Avoiding is hard being in the same block. But he is lying low since the 5th, because I never passed him since that day and usually I would see him in passing often.

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  1. For your die, I hope things are different in the UK. ln the USA, the police would not do anything with your complaints because they break no laws. Good luck!

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    1. Thank you.
      There was some things some years ago where you gave your guns up. I can’t remember when, or much about it. I thought no one was allowed guns, but I learnt in the case of shotgun, you are allowed, but it must be licensed and locked up in a case, securely to the wall.
      License, or not, he is not supposed to wave it around like that, whether loaded or not.
      I learnt at work tonight from my employer, that those who are registered are checked every so often to check they are still licensed and that they lock up their guns securely.

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      1. Did you take pictures of this person with their shotgun, waving it dangerously around? That would likely be helpful to press your case, otherwise it’s just hearsay and your word against his. We don’t have laws like that here, but we certainly need something; guns are too readily available.

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      2. A bit impossible to take a photo using spyhole. Apparently, when I do mention this, they will act on it.
        I have made contact with police, but as I don’t phone, I have used Twitter and sent a DM saying I want to report an incident, giving my details, including my Pegasus number I am registered on, which helps them to identify me. So waiting on that.
        As for other matter, speaking to someone at council on that, later.

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      3. I have been told other night, that they respond to even anom tip offs. I hope to hear, so I can give them full account face-to-face, or by email.

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    1. Thank you.
      It’s just the gun that my mum does not know about.
      Mum knows my plan is to move elsewhere when I have a second job lined up and saved some. Until then, I am stuck here for over a year at least or two, depending when I get job and what I save.

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  2. Eugh, that man is horrible. I hope you get to speak to someone at the police hub tomorrow. This sort of thing, from the shotgun incident to the fag butts isn’t just hugely inconsiderate, it’s dangerous and should be taken seriously. Any ideas who this other guy’s landlord is? They should be the ones seeing him before now to tell him to clean up his act. I’m sorry you’re in this position, I’d be feeling the same if it were me. Xxxx

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    1. So I avoid slipping out names, I will write it as man 1 and man 2.

      Man 1 was the first person to welcome me and chat. My landlord is aware as I have already said to him, that he is aware that only he has dog in this block of flats.
      I have already had one peeing incident on my mat, but did not want to jump and assume in. But now it’s happened again, along with witnessing the dog muck on my neighbours mat opposite, I am not happy. My mat is binned and neighbours opposite have got rid of theirs.
      Man 1 as my landlord said and I would have said, he seems harmless. But now I have witnessed him holding shotgun pointing it at neighbours opposite when they were kicking their own door down, doesn’t make man 1 look harmless anymore.
      When I update my landlord, I shall have to remember to add how he was pointing shotgun at them, so he is not looking harmless now. So with man 1, it’s just those two issues with him.

      Man 2. He lives directly above me and I learnt from my landlord when I asked which other flats he owns in the block, turns out he manages that flat. So I informed my landlord that unfortunately I have an issue with him – cigarette butts. Explaining my concern with that. So he has recommended I mention this too, to council.

      My landlord has been supportive. He has offered help if required, but knows I am receiving it, so I shall just keep him updated.

      I also now need to go to CAB tomorrow, regarding administrators of Spark. It seems to me they want me to pay an old bill in December, going by paperwork. A bill I paid. So I am at my tether.


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  3. Crikey. Definitely a good idea to report everything so far to the council, they’ll have a record of it then and hopefully take some kind of initial action. Good luck at CAB, too. Re: paying a bill you’ve already paid, that seems utterly ridiculous, and hopefully it’s easily resolvable given you can prove payment. It’s just one thing after another for you to deal with, ‘when it rains, it pours’, as they say. I’m infuriated for you, but with any luck things will get sorted on at least one of the problems soon, one step at a time xxxxx

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    1. Thank you.
      I know police have been to the property, from the person who kept me informed from council and they will be going next week on the other two matters involving him and another tenant, but I have not spoken to the police yet, since first contact by email. I keep looking out for email and text, in case he has contacted back to make arrangements to see me and speak about it. No wiser on when police went, if they found it in his property.

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  4. Oh Liz. I have just read this just before going out. How HORRIBLE. I will reply more fully later. You have my full suppirt, live, and sympathy. Oh my! I hope you can get out of there soon. Back later my friend. Ha g in there. I will read back on other peopke’s comments too, later. Sorry I did not see this at the time you pisted it as was having bad time myself. You take goid care of yourself. You deserve much much better than this. Much love to you. Laters xxxx

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    1. Thank you. It’s October before I can start looking, as my contract doesn’t end until then. Enjoy your time out and I will hear from you later. I will check after work when home, before I go to bed.

      Much love and thank you. Xx


  5. Hi Liz. I have just got around to coming back, and reading this whole thread. Just had dinner. A bit late tonight! I am goung to read what e eryone else has said now. Thus was terrible Liz!

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    1. It was and the effects are still there, as in me being jumpy over mail being pushed through my door, that I mentioned earlier. It may ease before I move, but I hope by the time I move again, that things are better in all ways, than I had here. Xx


  6. Oh my goodness Liz. You have got some good advice and support from others here. But how awful. You should be able to be comfortable and at peace in yoyr own home, be it rented or not. I don’t know if your labdlird coukd do more about the dog stuff and the cigarettes butts. It just isn’t on.

    I would be feeling like you if this happened to me. I woukd not be wanting to go home either. I think you are going to be very jumpy for a while. It will pass in time, but this is so traumatic. I really feel for you. That man should NOT have been waving that gun around. And I don’t know who does the lucensing of guns, but maybe they should be informed, becayse with that kind of behaviour the man should not have a gun. Do you know if he has any mental health problems? If so, he could be unstable. You have done exactly right in informing the police. Please take care of yourself. If ever you want to email me th chat about it, or for support my email address is.
    Thus address is openly available on my Blog anyway. If you do email me, just put a little note as a comment on one of my piems to tell me, because U get so many emails that I might just miss it.

    Goid luck Liz. And I hope that you can get some decent, restful sleep. I do also hope that you get a second job, but I know it is not all that easy. My sister has that problem too. Much much live to you Liz xxxx

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    1. Many thanks, I have made a note of your email.

      The dog urine that was on my mat and dog poo on my neighbours, hopefully this won’t happen again, now we both got rid of our mats.
      My landlord can’t do anything outside the flat, other than help on my behalf, but my workplace was great helping me, so I didn’t need his. Outside my door on the stairwell and the garden is the council responsibility. I spoke to someone already about that just a week ago. They will keep me updated on that when dealt with. They were concerned about the shotgun incident as he is known to like his drink apparently. So although he would not have done it deliberately, they were concerned if it happened by accident. They passed my details on with my permission and I spoke with a policeman Thursday. I was informed his guns were removed the week before without issues by him. With my statement alone, he will lose his license. But investigation is still ongoing.
      I have never crossed paths with him since that incident. He was very apologetic to them he pointed his gun at and before all of it happened, he gave warnings, not threats. I am sure he does feel bad about that and if he does know the effect it caused me, probably even worse.

      Job-wise, I have sent random letters with cv’s enclosed to see if there are any cleaner vacancies.
      I applied for a cleaning job some weeks ago, but heard nothing. I think that one will be gone now. I have applied for a cleaning job yesterday, I seen. So see what happens with that one. All I can do is keep looking and grab any overtime that crops up at my current job, while aI can.


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