On the outside I might be shouting at times, but on the inside I am breaking.

I have been that stressed and fuming with the things that I have gone on. But just because I am extremely vocal at times, fighting for my rights, on things that shouldn’t be happening in the first place, doesn’t mean at these times I am feeling strong. I have had enough. I am tired. My anxiety is there and with certain providers due to experience received, I do not trust. I am not sleeping well due to some of this.

As I write this, I am out in town early. I will soon queue up in the cold outside, to be early for CAB, to avoid hopefully any queue. I hope that by the time I am out, the issue is sorted regarding this old bill sent to me by the administrators of Spark Energy. Another issue I should not be dealing with, as this bill was paid. Another day I am wasting. I am fed up. Administrators are supposed to be working with Spark Energy. If they were, I wouldn’t be receiving this. But then, given experience I have had, it shouldn’t come to no surprise.

Where would I be, if I did not have friends near and, far,  and that of includes my blogging friends here. My mum has been big help.
Although things started getting difficult last year, January has been a tough month of all.

Thank you to each and every one of you, whether it’s through my blog I know you, or personally.

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    1. Thank you. It’s been an unbelievable mess.
      I followed instructions and posted letter to administrators of Spark and it seamt done and dusted. But a reply from manager at Spark that has been getting me sorted replied to that query about the other and from what she says I have to pay, as the credit of that bill was added to mine, which I see looking, which they took this security deposit from it. But if I went on DD, I would get the security deposit back. Security deposit is for those that pay in receipt of bill, like me.
      I replied back and said letter gone to administrators and I shall print off this reply, so I show CAB then, when admins get back to me.
      Told her know way will I go DD, as I have no trust to go that far.
      So far I said in this email, I have paid more out where I live, than before and I downsized. Told her how it’s affected me.

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  1. its sad to see through all the comments and this post that January hadn’t been the best month for many. this month was terrible for me too. I hope this new month is better for you and all your problems sort out. I would hate to waste my day like this specially when you have anxiety everything multiplies

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    1. Thank you.
      I feel my month has been wasted on sorting out issues that shouldn’t have to be sorted out, but this continues into February for some of them.
      I have the police to speak with still, in regards to incident I witnessed.
      My anxiety already on edge because of Spark Energy and further agitated with council from district I left because of their cock up, only to have anxiety with the issue outside my flat. I worry about the outcome of that.

      I hope your February is a start of a better month for you. X


  2. It’s certainly a trying time for you, and you shouldn’t have to be dealing with all the stuff you are. But you can handle whatever life throws your way. It’s okay to feel crap and exhausted, I certainly would (and I do, even without all the things you’re dealing with). Things can and will get sorted. Hang in there. There’s another 11 months of this year and they won’t all be this bad. I really do hope things at CAB went okay…
    Caz xxxx

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    1. Thanks. CAB went ok and so I sent off letter as they said to do it, but manager did answer my query about it and said I would need to pay it. She explained it and checking my bills, I see what she says and I can see I will. But I will wait for the administrators to tell me that now, in response to that letter.
      It’s annoying, because nothing has been explained clearly proper since Spark Energy went in administration and Ovo Energy taking over the brand name.
      Even administrators that sent that letter could have done it better than they did, to explain. I bet I am not the only one that it mind boggled with it all, because nothing has been explained clearly.
      The bill amount that administrators sent was put in credit on new account when Ovo took over the Spark brand. They then took out a one off security deposit from that. That’s because I pay my bill on receiving.
      I could have this back if I go on DD. But I said to the manager in a follow up email saying that I don’t trust them to go by DD.
      I have seen nothing since being with them, to trust doing that

      I have been watching another energy company for the last two weeks and reading up on them prior and they have brilliant reviews.
      I looked around on their website for contacting purposes and it looks very clear cut. I see things there, that I have never seen elsewhere in how they do things. All explained clearly.
      Been observing the on Twitter and looking at customer comments. I am tempted to move there, but not until a few months down the line, when I have used my credit up on my electric account, due to compensation I had.
      But whether I will move in end, I don’t know. I am just looking at that if I can secure an extra job and start saving to live elsewhere, unless lucky to get a council property, then it be pointless changing. Xx

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    1. Thanks. Just the battle with Spark Energy still ongoing. It’s wait and see that I do readings on my bills from now on. But other things are happening which means now I understand, now see I will have to pay, but I will wait now for administrators to tell me this. Clearly poor service still and no proper explanations from the start about all this. Not even from administrators.

      Doing overtime recently will make look better in March, but I need more permanent hours in a morning, in addition to my current job, otherwise there will be difficult months ahead.

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      1. I so want to move from them, but I want to use my credit on my account first. But by the time I have, I think it’s just worth putting up till I move home. I never heard of them till I moved in this flat and I don’t care Ovo taken over and kept the name, as I had same issues; which is wait and see what happens next, but I shall never move in a property if their name is on the utilities. Along with some others.

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      2. Other dealt with by manager, but this, now explained by her, I see that now I will have to pay. But going to CAB about it first and then obviously as a whole how I have been treated by them with this and by administrators.
        Any further same or other serious issues with Spark to come and I won’t be excepting anymore compensation. Or hush money as I call it. It will be Ombudsman.

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