A crafty year

So in Chit-chat January post, I talked about how I quit my home study course. I mentioned how I don’t plan to do anymore studying anytime soon and all I want to is get back into my crafty side.

I have certainly been catching up on my colouring and I have coloured in lots more pages of these two colouring books I already own, catching up where I left off with them.

For Christmas, just some of the things I received that will help with my creative side were some fine liner pens for colouring. Having these expanded my colour choices to choose from. I also received some gel pens which will play a part in my colouring, or writing.

I also received a book that contains sketch prompts and stickers with quotes on, as pictured below.


Flicking through the sketch prompt book, there will be some new experiences to try in the suggestions it gives.

I shall look forward to what way I may use these stickers. Some I have stuck on my plastic drawers, where I store my craft bits. I’m thinking, sticking a sticker on an envelope to whoever it may be going to, to spread some inspiration, because everyone who handles mail when it travels to its destination, may just spot it and it give a little inspiration along the way.

2019 is a year of just playing with my crafty side in some way, in my own time, as well as other plans I mentioned in my Chit-chat January post.

What’s your plans for 2019? (If you’ve not already mentioned it, in the Chit-chat January post.


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9 thoughts on “A crafty year

  1. That sounds a wonderful plan Liz, and not too expensive either. I used to love anything to do with colouring. I just love colour anyway. I used to do embroudery, and just loved the colours I used. I can’t see colour now, except red. It’s a good job that I like red.

    I have no particular plans for this year, except just to try to keep going. Looking forward to the Soring, and hopefully the better weather. Enjoy your colouring Liz x

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    1. I am looking forward to better weather too, so I can be out all day.
      It’s a good job you like red. Mum used to do embroidery a little many years ago, when I was a kid. X


    1. I have stuck 10 different stickers on my plastic craft drawers I have in corner of the room, but I still have stickers left for what ever other use I find with them. It was certainly something nice and different for me.

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  2. A craftier year sounds excellent, and these are fab! I have some stickers somewhere that I bought just before Christmas, really do need to dig those out as there’s a ring binder that could do with a little jazzing up 🙂

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