The urge to run

Most of January, I have had the urge to run. Not run from the issues I have been sharing with you in my blog posts, but as in the urge to go jogging. This urge to jog has surprised me, because I have not done any jogging/running, since I was a teenager.

Through stresses I have had and as I shared in a post and some comments of posts on my blog as well as other blogs, I have been walking off my stress. I have felt the positive effects from that when I have. But to feel the urge to run, has come as a surprise.

Even now, I have the urge to go running. It’s not as strong as in January, but it’s still there. My mood dipping this week and so I think that’s why it’s not as strong.

Trouble is, I have no trainers, or a sports bra to keep things in place. Trainers I have not worn since my 30’s.
As I have shared in an earlier blog post, or in a comment this year, money has been difficult. I would need to draw money from my savings to get appropriate running shoes, sports bra and a couple of pairs of jogging bottoms, making do with everything else I have. As much as the urge to run, at the same time I don’t want to spend. But I know from other bloggers that run, that running does help their mental health. I know that will be true, for the effects I had when I really put some leg work in when walking around my area quicker than usual, to work the frustration I had off.

Whether I will risk and spend, I don’t know. It’s the part I am not liking right now; the parting of money.

15 thoughts on “The urge to run

    1. Thank you Ren for your comment. Yes, that’s true. Although I had not put it in the post, I had a little bit of me that was saying something similar. 🙂 X

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      1. THAT is exciting, Liz!….and as you listen and act upon your inner you (like you have been doing, for so very long), that ‘little bit of you’ which you heard, will continue to strengthen (like a muscle) and become your guiding light.
        At least, that has been my experience….. Hugz to you

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  1. when you are tight on money buying something for you is not your first priority but its your health we are talking about. perhaps Running will pump up your mood and productivity so give it a thought

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I am giving it a thought and more since airing this post. I am thinking that when I get home, to transfer some money from my ISA and get to a sports shop for some running shoes tomorrow, after looking online at prices. The sports bra I can do online and jogging bottoms from a local nearby shop. 🙂

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  2. Physically I can’t run any more, but I used to do a little here and there years ago. It did help me back then, clearing my mind and helping me focus, making me feel generally refreshed. If you have the urge, I’d say go for it. Look out for sales and discount codes, and try things like Primark or Asda too for jogging bottoms and such maybe.xx

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    1. When I was out in town today, I went and bought some things from shops, after moving some money across from my ISA last night.
      My running shoes, I was smiling when I left the shop, because from when I looked at price on shelf and to paying at till, the price had been taken off for the sale. I thought the price had already been knocked off when looking on the shelf. So was chuffed, as you would imagine.
      I then went to a local supermarket and got a pair of jogging bottoms. While there, I did decide in the end to treat myself to a t-shirt and zipped top that wicks away sweat.
      I will use my current tops for running too, but if I keep at it, I will allow myself another top just for running.

      Once at home, I ordered a running belt to hold my phone, keys and hopefully my inhaler. As soon as this as arrived and my sports bra, I can start running.
      I plan to go back to sports shop and get myself a cap, as although there be times I would use it now, I will need it in summer, as not to get sunstroke.

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      1. The only upside to having no boobs is I don’t have to bother with a sports bra! But it’s a nightmare finding smaller sized bras in shops, not that you need to know this. Anyway, fab news about the purchases. It’s great when a good deal gets even better with another discount or pricing error, happy days! 🙂

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      2. I can imagine is being awkward. My motto one time when I had smaller boobs, was less I had, less that wobbled. At some point though, for I don’t how long, I was one of those who was wearing a wrong size fitted bra.
        The trainer’s I bought were £40 when looking on the shelf. But when at till, I paid £25. 🙂

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  3. FANTASTIC Liz. I am SO glad you are doing this, it really will benefut you, and what is more, you DESE4VE it. Be good to yoyrsekf. Happy running! 😊

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  4. I would love to run too but it seems I can never last more than a minute or two before I am out of breath. I am too self-conscious about how I look during running too. The workout gear too can be a hassle… So expensive! I usually try to go to discount shops to see if I can find something for a low price.

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