An exciting time in my local town

As I went into town today, I noticed there were several roads closed off. When I looked it up on Google, I learned that part of the town centre was closed too, due to secret filming.

I seen the last 10 minutes of action, as I arrived in the town centre of cars racing and I took a couple of pictures on my phone.
They had closed the town off from 3am to 11am for this secret filming. It went a little over in time. Not that I was bothered. I was excited in what I was witnessing. As I was watching amongst spectators, I spoke to one, to see if she knew who was filming. There was a rumour that it was the TV program called Top Gear filming and from what I seen, I was convinced this could be true.

Not long after all was finished, I seen the local Chad paper had aired it on their website. Link below. It turned out it was them. 🙂


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14 thoughts on “An exciting time in my local town

  1. Wow! What fun you create! An unexpected and uplifting distraction, for you to injoy fully. 😀 Good for you!!

    I had a similar experience in Michigan, with the filming of Dogman 2 taking place in the abandoned ‘historical’ bowling alley in town. Months later, the heavy snows, collapsed the roof, destroying the original structure of the place.

    Decades ago, in downtown Lansing, Michigan, the tv show, “Unsolved Mysteries” was filming and I was able to remain in the restaurant with the other customers, for part of the filming before they then ushered us out.

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    1. You have seen some lovely experiences too then and how cool to be able to stay in the restaurant, while filming.
      It was lovely to witness that today in town. Even if it was just for 10 minutes. It was exciting and good for the town.

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  2. I saw people filming once on the streets and heard a man ask one of the crew members what was the name of the tv show. He said it was “Love Story in New York”, but I guess the show didn’t make it to television as I never saw anything about it after that.

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      1. I did, yes. ☺ It was interesting watching the actors between cuts when the camera wasn’t rolling. I also didn’t realize that they had the whole area for filming and the people in the background were paid extras. Everyone else, including me, who were just walking to get past the street, weren’t allowed to walk there.

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      2. It was interesting watching went on behind the scenes, the communication involved via the camera men, prior to the scenes happening. It gave me a chance to see just what amount of work is involved.

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