Getting the gear to run

You know through following my posts, that I have been getting the basic gear in preparation to run. Until I run, I have upped my pace in my walking.

My running belt I ordered, I boobed on. It wasn’t quite big enough to hold what I wanted; phone in its case, my keys and inhaler. Thankfully, it didn’t cost much. But for the price, it looked good quality. It will come in handy for someone’s Christmas box next year, or it will go in a charity bag this year.
I have now ordered a Spiebelt. The large one. From watching the original be filled, this should work for me and I read somewhere last night, how someone was using one to hold the same things.

I also bought a Garmin Forerunner 30 watch for accurate distance I walk, or run. The watch alone will be enough for what I want it for, but trying it out to make sure it was ok and tracking me, I did upload to my Garmin account. I’m hesitant about uploading regular, because I was worried what internet data it would take up, with my internet being only a certain amount. Maybe someone reading this, who this uses their fitness watch everyday and uploading their content can tell me if it is known to gobble data, or not. Until then, I may just use my Garmin account every couple of months or more. I make notes that I want to keep in a journal.
The watch I have it set so it automatically stops when I do. From trying it outside for the first time walking to work, it seems to accurately track me. But when I tried it just for fun inside while working, (which at this point you are not using GPRS, because you are indoors,) I found that if my walking was at a certain slow pace, it did not monitor my walking at times. The timer was still on stop, even though I was walking. But anyway, my watch isn’t for work, it’s when I am outside to walk at a pace then at that point I was observing at work and for running.

So, using details from my watch, walking from home to work yesterday, it took me 27 minutes 14 seconds at the distance of 1.54 miles.
Coming back home on my same route, it took me 24 minutes and 56 seconds at distance of 1.55 miles.

The distance slightly varying, depending where I stood to start and end my watch from, on each occasion.

Do you run some miles, whether beginner, or been doing it for some years?

Do you use a fitness watch to monitor your walks/runs?

Have you ever done 5k?

4 thoughts on “Getting the gear to run

    1. Thank you. As I get close to starting to run, when I have sorted out my running belt, little negatives are creeping into my head, that I will need to give the flick. X


  1. Sounds like you are all geared up in many ways. Yay! This is getting exciting!!
    I am not a runner. I am a walker. I do not use all the electronic gizmos for monitoring. Just isn’t my thing. I won’t even take a phone with me when I walk.

    If I want to monitor distance, I know that approx. 2000 steps = a mile. I will put 10 pebbles in my right pocket. With every 100 steps, I put one of the 10 pebbles into my left pocket until all are there. Then I do it over again, putting the pebbles back to the original pocket, per every 100 steps. That is a mile, so I bend down, pick up a stone, put in my pocket. I might look around for a ‘landmark’ so I know how far it is to that point. The bigger stones tell me how many miles, add extra weight to my steps and helps ground me more.

    A thought just came to me, I’d like to share with you. While you are conditioning yourself for your running, picture yourself in your mind as if you are running. Feel what those sore, tight muscles feel like as they get exercised. Practice on a rhythm for breathing, etc. By visualizing in your mind, what will happen, and actually living the experience in your mind, that then helps to condition you for when you do run. It’s ‘rewiring’ your brain, before you actually are running. That’s what athletes, musicians, etc do.

    Keep on having fun Liz. You’re doing great!!!

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    1. I like your tips with the pebbles. That’s great. The tips regarding visioning running, I read that tip somewhere too one time and a good idea.

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