A post for my readers to warn why I will be quiet

Today has been an unexpected difficult day. As I write this post from the visitor’s room on the ward I am on, in the early hours, I await for my mum to hopefully get better. I am letting you know that your comments could be late showing on my blog, as well as me replying, because of this.
There are posts planned still to air, which are already scheduled and these will still show. It’s just going to be quiet from me.

I found my mum unconscious yesterday afternoon. Thankfully I decided to call round unannounced after I could not get any response from her that morning. I wasn’t expecting to find her on her bedroom floor, unresponsive. Instead, I thought the issue was going to be her phone playing up.

She has had tests which they had results on that did not give much than possibilities to go on. One or two further tests done later, I will know tomorrow if they know anything more of those. Her breathing was supported originally and I was warned from the very beginning she wasn’t well. When they were taking her off support, because of her condition, I was basically expecting her to die, as I was told there was nothing more that could be done at that stage then to keep her comfortable. But after an hour or two off support, mum was still here and breathing and so they decided to treat her with antibiotics, in case there is an infection.

Mum definitely does not have a head injury from her fall, but she could have had a stroke, as well as the possibility of an infection. So it’s wait and see at the moment as she stays with us breathing easily hours later and through the night.

Although mum is comfortable, she is still unresponsive. I am hoping she will prove them wrong and come round.


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16 thoughts on “A post for my readers to warn why I will be quiet

  1. Liz I am sending love and good wishes for your Mum and also kind thoughts for you. Your Mum will know that you are there with her even though she cannot respond, keep talking to her. All the best my friend for you during this difficult time. xo

  2. Oh Liz. Who would have known this would happen just hours after you and I were talking. I am so sorry. But you are with her and she will know. I pray for you both. Be strong Luz, as I know you are. We are here for you. Sending hugs and all the love in the world ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Keep talking to your mum, read her stories, hold her hand, massage her back, describe what is in the room/outside the window, brush her hair, play her favorite music…..you know what she injoys. You are strong Liz and you have all kinds of support here. Love, hugs…and know that we are never given more than we can handle.

  4. Thank you to everyone that has left good wishes here. I wanted to give an update here, rather than leave it till later in another post.
    Since writing this post yesterday, a surprising change has happened.
    I came back onto the ward to find my mum’s eyes were open. They got her sat up a bit, by raising the back of the bed party. Mum was chatting too, although I couldn’t tell a majority what she was saying due to no teeth in. Her teeth are missing, so she not going to be wearing them at any point.
    From what I could tell that mum is saying, she is a bit confused. She has been shouting at me at times, which I won’t say it hasn’t got to be a bit in some way, but how I am reacting to it mainly, shows how I have changed. I was just down with it, which didn’t help through no sleep, being there all night on first day she was in hospital. But I have had some solid sleep now at home and seeing her this afternoon.
    When she has shouted at me, it’s just gone over my head and I have kept my voice in same calm tone.
    As well as showing this side when my family were there, mum also laughed with them, as well as what ever mum was saying that she laughed about.

    I will probably know further today what might happen when the doctors get today and see her on the ward today, from chatting with the nurse. More likely mum will be having a MRI next. This will confirm if mum has had a stroke, or not, or other answers hopefully.
    After chatting with the nurses about my mum, to get how mum was before and how mum is now, this will be mentioned to them. Mum us twitchy and jerky with her arms. Something that has only happened since this has happened. So I know they are concerned about that. Her sharp, or angry temperament that she shown quite a few times, which is not mum.
    My mum will be on this ward for at least a couple of weeks, until they know more in how mum is.

  5. Liz, i have been thinking about you and your Mum constantly. So glad that she has opened her eyes and is talking. I know it’s difficult though, with her shouting. You know that thisnis not your Mum though. It isnjust due tovwhatever has happened to her. But I know it is hard for you to hear it. I hope they find out soon what is wrong with her. I will keep praying for you both if you don’t mind that. Sending you much much love, and gentle hugs Liz ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Since my previous update about my mum in the comments I left on this post, I now have another update. This update has come as a shock, although an observation I did make about my mum, I did mention at the beginning with paramedics and in A&E.
    When I found my mum on the floor. I seen a bottle of water on her bedroom floor. I thought the bottled water was unusual, because I have not sent a bottle of water in her room before. So I mention this to paramedics and in A&E.
    Today, when I arrived at hospital earlier than planned, the consultants were already there and when they knew who I was, they asked me to come in and asked me some questions, as they were still baffled as to what was going off. They did not think stroke, but we’re looking at other things, like fits and diabetes. So I answered those questions accordingly, amongst others. Mum spoke where she could. Which by the way, on first impressions of entering the room, mum looked brighter and talking clearer. As the consultants and nurse was leaving, mum came out with I took a some tablets that night, an overdose that night and I’ve told them this. They did not hear this and I quickly got their attention, asking if they heard, repeating what she said. At this point, I had to remain quiet while the nurse asked further questions, like how she did it, how many she taken, did she want to die, etc… My mum answered all questions accept for how many she taken, which I don’t think she knew how many. The consultants listened as this was going on. Final question, would she do it again. Now all this has come out, means the care plan changes. That as in making sure she is safe. Takes her medication accordingly, as I think she stopped her day one. Or if not, did not want to take anymore.
    Eventually, mum will be moved on a different ward where they can watch her and make sure she is safe, then further options will be discussed.
    A person from the mental health side was called in to chat to mum and me. A lot of different discussions made mainly between her and my mum, but also me. Some options have been given. But one option won’t be going home, as we think we could do it again.
    There has lots of things been discussed and with my mum being happy on one, which is to live together option, I will be going to the council to discuss about having my mum living with me and the only need she will require, which has to be ground floor flat with walk in shower and to explain why my mum is going to be living with me, as explained by this woman what to say. This will bump me up the council housing list, not quickly, but all being well with other things that will be coming first and me in a contract till October, means it gives council time to sort something.
    I could go on with other stuff, but will make comment long, but also I don’t want to go with everything about my mum today, as personal for her.
    Thank you to everyone with good wishes for my mum and me. It’s very much appreciated, the support you have all given. Xx

  7. Liz what a shock for you. I am so sorry. Your poor mum must have been in a dreadful state. What an awful shock for you. Still thinking of you and your mum. Will watch for further updates. Sending you all the love in the world and lots of gentle hugs. Xoxoxo

  8. Thank you all again for your supportive comments.
    Today, mum will be off the ward in hospital and in a ward specially for her age group and for her mental health. This will be in a building that is for mental health that I am all familiar with, as it’s where mum was when I was 11 years old. Here her medication will be adjusted accordingly till she is stable.
    I shall be having a little normality in my life from today, by going to work. So I let them know I will be there. I shall see my mum in the afternoon visiting hours of 2pm till 4pm and then make way to work.
    I’m glad my mum has a place not far from me, because had it been the other place that was mentioned it would have meant two buses.
    I am going to close this post to further comments and will update some months later.

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