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Hopefully, I can keep this post condensed as possible with my different updates.

I spoken to the police some weeks back regarding the incident about the gun I witnessed. He was licensed and when I gave my statement, I was told mine alone would be enough for him to lose his guns and license. The week before police spoke to me, his guns and license were removed, while investigating. I have heard nothing since giving my statement and with things going on since, I have been distracted in many ways.

I sent my complaint to Spark Energy about the two complaints I had with them. I am giving them 9 weeks from the date of my letter (14th February) to reply and then if I hear nothing, or not satisfied, I won’t hesitate to take it to Ombudsman those complaints. No compensation will shut me up on this one and I have warned them that I will be excepting no compensation like before, to stop me going to Ombudsman.

I am leaving Spark Energy and moving to Octopus Energy with my gas and electric. I start with them on the 28th February. So I am happy to get away.

With the Spark Energy shit and then what I witnessed outside my door regarding the gun, as you know, I was looking to moving as soon as my contract ends. With what you know in my previous post in the comments, it turned out mum took an overdose and I asked her that us moving in together, in a flat could still happen, if she wanted. Mum would like that. I have a form to fill in for why she will be living with me and I will need someone on the mental health team to help me fill in details about her mental health and treatment, as proof that I need.
In the meantime, until this happens, because I cannot bid on any council properties until my contract ends, means mum may be back at her bungalow for a while. Until then, mum is now in a mental health unit where they will keep an eye on her. I arrived there before mum, because she was still waiting for transport to bring her from the ward. It was a good job, as I had a melt down while chatting with the staff. The mental health place is no stranger to me as mum was in there after her breakdown when I was 11. (I am now 42.) The ward is new though, as this ward is for people around her age, as she was on a different ward all those years ago. The whole place though has had a makeover of some kind, since all those years ago.
The staff on this ward are lovely and the ones who witnessed my melt down were great. I had a good chat with them. I got time with my mum before it was back to work. I hope to sleep better tonight, as last two nights I hadn’t after she admitted the overdose.

Mum will be here while they sort out her medication to a suitable level for her. When mum can go, social workers will be involved I was told.

Sometime next week the consultant treating my mum will want to speak to me and the form I require filling in, will be this person I need to see.

That’s my updates on everything.

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    1. Thanks. It’s been a lot to take in. When my mum first admitted overdose on Monday and someone from the mental health side came to chat with my mum and also me, after first having most of the chat with my mum to talk about what my mum did and why and if she would attempt again etc… she asked my mum how she felt about living with me in Mansfield when I raised we had the chat just a bit back. Mum said she wanted to. I raised how mum said to me that she did not want to be a burden, but I said she wouldn’t and we could work around it. I am not that same person some years ago.
      Knowing I nearly could have lost my mum Saturday night, makes me more that I don’t want to lose her. I want her to feel safe like she did when she stopped over at Christmas. I want to make sure she takes her meds and although living with me one day, to still remain independent as possible. It’s just she won’t be living on her own.

      Mum is looking to the future a bit, knowing she will leave her bungalow band one day us living together, even though mum is not mentally well.
      A lot of things were raised that day on Monday. I discovered mum had cancelled her appointment with doctor in January. She has been encouraged to go again when discharged from where she currently is. When this happens, I shall ask mum if I can come with her. She don’t like going to the area where this doctor is. So hopefully be better if I went with her and maybe meet this doctor too.

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      1. It won’t be until my contract ends in October. So mum may have to live in her bungalow for a bit, depending on how long she is in the mental health unit.
        I was on band 6, but with mum added, it’s now band 3. But I do need to get this paperwork filled in to give back to council. So hopefully, consultant can do that next week, if not before, as I need the evidence of her mental health.
        Hopefully, when I start bidding in October, that it will be quick and more of a chance in getting a council property. I shall look at getting a groundfloor flat.

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  1. Hi Liz. I am glad you get to leave that electric croud and go to a different one. I am happy your mom has you to help her out. Be sure you mind your own mental health too though. Looking after a relative can be draining. xox

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    1. Yes, it’s draining. I have not slept well after learning about her overdose. But last night, I slept better. But I am tired.
      Tomorrow I will make sure my morning up to lunch is just about me, until I see my mum in the afternoon. Xx

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  2. A lot is going on at the moment in your life. prayers and positive vibes for you. Take care of yourself so you can look after your mom. its very hard watching your parents going through the health problems. When my mother was terminally ill I was the main carer we were lucky we had tons of family help but it had lasting affect on my mental health which only uncovered decade after we had lost her. Just hang in there and take care of yourself too

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    1. Thank you for your wishes. Yes, it can affect your own mental health too, as when my mum had a breakdown when I was 11 and the other things in my childhood that I blogged about in the early days of writing this blog, all played a part in my mental health.
      I am making sure that tomorrow morning, until my friend picks up in the afternoon for us both to see my mum, tomorrow will be my time. I shall be sitting, continuing to read my book I have from the library.

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  3. You seem to be holding up quite well under your new circumstances. Your meltdown couldn’t have happened at a better place. Not only did you receive mega support from staff who knew/understood your situation, but now you personally know that your mother is in good hands there. Very proud of you Liz! Prayers, love and healing vibes are with you both.

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