For damage free walls…

For damage free walls, I recommend the ‘Command’ brand.
I have used their Command large sticky hooks, which were the first thing I used some years ago and still do.
I have also used Command Wire Hooks and since last October, Command Decorating Clips, in clear.

The photo below is where I am using their Command Decorating Clips. These are in clear and as you expect, you don’t see them. Instead, you are just focusing on the display, which mine are holding my peg lights up. On my peg lights I hang pictures from, which I change my display now and again. These have never come down since I put them up last October. I am really impressed.

Command Decorating Clips in clear, holding up my peg lights. The peg lights are holding my sketches, or pictures.
Command Decorating Clips in clear, holding up my peg lights

The photo below shows a wall decoration hanging on a Command Wire Hook. This has been hanging on my wall since last October too. I have another wall decoration like this one with different words, hanging up on a Wire Hook.
I have also used these Wire Hooks in the past on the inside of a cupboard to hang a plastic basket on that I filled with cleaning cloths. It never came off, until I took it off.

Command Wire Hook, with a wall decoration hanging from it.
Command Wire Hook, with a wall decoration hanging from it.

The photo below shows my calendar hanging off a Command Large Sticky Hook. I have this inside a kitchen cupboard.
I first used these sticky hooks some years ago for hanging a single curtain panel on my PVC kitchen door, so I had privacy at night. These were when I first started using the Command product, once I heard about them. I was rather sceptic at the time, wondering if my lined curtain would stay up on my door. But it never came down and I would open this curtain up and tie it back in the day, using another sticky hooks to put the tie back on. This only came down when I took it down on the day I moved out of my house, into the flat I currently lived.
So from being impressed with the job that served me is why I use these other two products of theirs, in their range.

Command Sticky Hook holding up my calendar
Command Sticky Hook holding up my calendar

I totally recommend these ones I have used in the Command range. They are very ideal if you rent privately, because of finding where your tenancy agreement does not want you damaging their walls, or doors.

The only ones I have used in the Command range that I wasn’t impressed with, were the Command Waterproof Sticky Hooks. I found these would not stay up and I tried them in a couple of places in the bathroom to hang my bath towel on. But I still found they came off. Hence I now use my coat stand, as a towel stand. But I wouldn’t change that in any other way now while living here, knowing how well it looks in there. But when I move one day, I won’t try those waterproof sticky hooks for the bathroom again and instead just stick with what I currently do, or a towel rail instead.

There are other products in their range for hanging things, which I have not tried, or don’t need. But what I mention here, I will always use.


This post has been written by me and I have not been asked to write this review from the makers. I have been meaning to write a post for a while about these products I use out of their range, due to me being happy with those. My opinions are my own.


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7 thoughts on “For damage free walls…

  1. I totally agree with you on how great the Command hooks are. I have used them for years!!! They stay up nearly forever and are very easy to remove. Buy extra adhesive strips and keep reusing the same Commands.

    1. I was really impressed holding my curtains up on the PVC door of my old place. I had a personal bet with myself saying I bet they come down, but when they were still up by two months mark, I was smiling and have used them ever since. It’s good that you can get the sticky pads separate.

      1. (somehow, I overlooked this reply) That’s amazing it stayed up…but not really. They are really an amazing invention. Yes, separate stickies are very beneficial.

    1. I have been using these for some time, so as I found them really good to use, I thought why not leave a review on my blog about them. 🙂

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