Hopefully all is fine

Today, when I went to see mum, I found she wasn’t there at the mental health unit. Instead, mum was sent to A&E. Mum had a fall in the early hours, but she was ok from that. They sent my mum instead because of her being chesty and having a temperature. Not because of her fall. They said they sent me an email early in the morning. (This email never arrived until the evening.) So after looking for mum on A&E to see if she was still there, or on a ward, I found her to be on an emergency assessment unit.
Mum will be there for a day, or two, to be observed, while on oxygen and antibiotics. The nurse thinks this could be linked to her overdose and the time she was unconscious. If all is fine in this day or two, them mum will be back in the mental health unit.

Mum was happy and joking and I was joking back. Me and mum were certainly both on form today, compared to yesterday. (See Today was a hard day) I am hoping all will be fine and that this is just a precaution.

27 thoughts on “Hopefully all is fine

      1. Thank you. Been smiling at my mum today. I am tired, but it’s not difficult as I would expect at this point. I have said to mum that I will be staying at home tomorrow, till work and if I am not there Friday, not to panic, as I will just have another day at home till work. But definitely see her Saturday. 🙂

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  1. Wishing you both well Liz. You’re having a hard road at the moment. It was SO good though, to hear about you and your Mum joking. That is lively. Lots of love and take care xoxo

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    1. Thank you.
      Yes, it’s becoming a year where it’s not good as I hoped. Hopefully be good soon. It was good to see my mum happy and, joking and to be able to joke back. X

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      1. Thank you. I feel I am going to struggle today, as I have had another restless night from 3am. Prior to waking up before then, I woke up with my ear hurting, which I think I have lay funny, for how it felt at the time and not hurting as it was. I feel tired today, with sore joints. Xx

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      2. I definitely think I have lay funny, as my right shoulder sore too, a little and down the side of my neck on same side a little as well. Probably tension partly too, with things, as my body is known to do it. Xx


  2. I love your positive attitude, Liz. This may be one of the most beautiful years ever, for you and your mum. Remember, it is always the darkest and coldest, before the dawn.

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    1. Thanks Ren.

      Mum is now on a ward where she will be for the next 5 days. Oxygen and antibiotics still.
      As mum is here, means she loses her bed on the mental health ward, as they can’t keep two NHS beds open. So when discharged here, it will be waiting to find a bed on a mental health ward again. Hopefully it will be back where before, because anywhere else would make it difficult for me to get to. They will try and get her back there and consider my needs too.

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    1. Thank you. I am uneasy about the discharge part. But totally understand that the bed couldn’t be held any longer. I am hoping mum is back in that unit, because as I don’t drive, it would make it awkward and even more tiring to attempt to travel elsewhere to see her. I can’t believe how tired I am now at times with it.

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      1. It’s understandable to feel so tired. You’ve taken on more physically and emotionally so it’s bound to cause burn-out. I’m sure you are, but make sure to rest when you can. I’ll think positively for you that she’ll be where you need her to be x

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      2. Thank you. I am taking rest now since back home from work earlier. I have just published a new post and now going to bed early. Setting my alarm for a slightly later time and staying at home till time for work.
        Thank you for your supportive comments. X

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