It amazes me how exhausting it can be

As I mentioned in the comments of this post, Hopefully all is fine, my mum has lost her bed on the mental health unit today, because she will be in hospital for a further five days.
Tests have shown mum has flu and because she was on a mental health ward prior, like any ward, it’s about not spreading it, so mum is on the hospital ward accordingly as she gets over this.
It’s antibiotics and oxygen through the nose still and when she is discharged, it will be back to the mental health team to find her a bed in a mental health unit.
As I said in the comments on the above post, she’s been laughing and joking still and I have been laughing and joking back.

I have also had a day of fatigue again. Not as bad as before. Felt worse first thing and crappy, which then eased off. But still tired. I said to mum I wouldn’t be there tomorrow. Instead, I am staying at home until I go to work, leaving the home slightly earlier, so I can pick up my prescription from the chemist on the way.
I have warned my mum also that if I am not there Friday, then not to panic, as I will have chosen to stay at home again. But regardless how I am Saturday, I will see her. I can’t believe how this is knocking me out. 

I am hoping with mum discharged, that it doesn’t affect the form I filled for why mum needs to live with me. I guess this is still all valid, because of the short time being there.
I hope also there is no set back with my mum’s mental health. But going by today,  it doesn’t seem the case.

Mum was worried about my tiredness. I reassured it would be much easier when we are both in the same place. But I also told her how the effect on me when discovering she had overdosed, did not hit me till later, because prior to that, I was just on autopilot sorting out her affairs, as well as my own. So I have only just getting my head around that.

I dread to think what could have happened, if I did not choose to check on mum that day. Had I not, then I would have been waiting for mum to arrive at mine, for lunch, which would have been another two days later. But I try not to think about it, because mum is here and I did luckily go.

Thank you to you all, that have left me supportive comments over posts, since all this happened.

10 thoughts on “It amazes me how exhausting it can be

  1. Mental work is way more exhausting than physical work.
    May I suggest you hang a calendar in your mum’s room to mark the days/times you will be there. It could help relieve some stresses on the memory system for both of you and can end up being a fun way to communicate. Does your mom like to doodle? That could help her pass the time when you are away and take her mind off of burdensome thoughts. … and hugz to ya, Liz. You are doing great!!! (pat on back)

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    1. Thank you for the idea Ren. I will remember that when mum is next in a mental health unit. Unfortunately, until then I can’t do this, as when you are on a ward in a hospital, there are no flowers, cards etc… due to policies hospitals have. This is all to do with helping to keep a ward clean. But when my mum is on a mental health ward, she could put this inside her door of her wardrobe.
      At home, a calendar is something my mum likes to use which does help her to remember things. That’s if mum writes it in the first place, which mum has got better doing.

      To pass her time, mum likes wordsearches and creating poems, so my mum does have these to hand. Xx

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  2. Flu bugs can really knock the stuffing out of you, but I’m glad they’re keeping her in the hospital to try to build her strength back up and get her on her feet. It’s good to hear she’s laughing and keeping her spirits up as much as possible. But it’s frustrating she’s lost her bed on the mental health unit. What will happen once she’s discharged from hospital, are they hopeful they’ll get another bed on the unit for as soon as she leaves? I do hope so.
    I’m sorry you’re so exhausted, though I’m not surprised with everything you’ve got going on at home, work and with your mum, all of which causes such a physical and emotional drain. The main thing is that you were there for your mum that day, it was fate or whatever you want to call it. She’s still here, and she’s lucky to have you. But you also need to look after yourself. You are so incredibly important. Take things as easy as you can. Sending hugs and lots of love your way Liz  ♥
    Caz xxxx

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    1. Thanks Caz.
      I certainly took an easy day today, but fatigue there still.
      I shall see mum tomorrow, but as I need to get a small amount of shopping in the morning, just from the down the road, I shall make sure it’s nothing heavy. Only go to bring back three things.

      It’s certainly emotional as well as physical drain.

      The ward will need to contact those responsible in looking for a bed on a mental health ward, when the time comes to discharge. So she will probably find herself on a different ward in the hospital until bed is found in a mental health unit.

      When I think of finding my mum that day, I don’t know what to call it, but the word fate has been used by a work colleague.

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  3. you did the right thing by checking on your mom that day, try not to think the other way around because its not pleasant to think what would had happened. it was meant to be and you should be proud of ypourself . feel better soon and do take care of yourself. hope your mom recovers soon


    1. Thank you.
      Mum is looking brighter today. Mum is not on oxygen as of today, but still on antibiotics. Mum in hospital till possibly Sunday. (Although that did not sound definite.) Then it will be back to mental health ward apparently, where she was originally discharged and see what happens there, as to whether a bed will be there, be sent elsewhere, or back to her home with a care plan in place.
      Although this is all a bit in the dark as to the next, me and mum have been chatting about if it happens she ends up going home and a plan for what needs to be done at hers, in preparation for one day whenum lives with me, so there is no rushing; like get rid of a couple of items, whether sell or give away and her bedroom walls needs freshening up because the council won’t be happy with her bedroom wall if they seen it. So I shall be painting that room in May.

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