A distraction for mum

When I went to see mum yesterday and mum was filling me what happened day before, I as getting ready to go up to the mental health unit to see what they were playing at. But before I did, I asked a nurse, to make sure my mum wasn’t confused by it all.
It turned out she had been told that originally, but since, not long back yesterday when I was chatting a different discussion was given. So I had gone from highly stressed person getting ready to fight, because mum had no care plan in place and going to be sent home, which was total opposite to what a manager on the mental health unit told me, to stress reducing because there was now going to be some care plan in place on Sunday. But Sunday still being unknown, until it happens.

When mum is discharged from ward where she was looked after for her chest infection from flu she had, they will send her back to the mental health ward she originally came from. But this does not mean there is a bed there, or at any other mental health unit. She could be sent home still. But a care plan would be in place for that, as this was mentioned in discussion when someone came to see her yesterday, about maybe two visits a week at her home to see that she is ok.
If it turns out there is no bed there, but a bed is available at one of the other mental health units, mum has said she is not going, because of knowing how I would only be able to get once a week at one and not at all at the other.
But if there is a bed where she was before, she would stay there.
So this is the unknown and me and mum discussed options if she ends up going home. Especially if she is discharged before I get there, on Sunday and that is that day, mum is to stop at mine. We would then go back to hers the following morning, where I would have day with her, before going to work.

I observed how this was playing on my mum’s mind after I found I was repeating myself a fourth time and my throat feeling tired and sore, so I distracted mum onto something else. Mum admitted it was going round in her head as I suggested something else to chat about.
Mum has a notebook for her poems she writes out in rough, before copying neat into another book. I already had written my address earlier at the back of the book, just in case she was making her way back to mine in a taxi on Sunday, before I got there.
I got the notebook out again and wrote her a plan of action that she would be doing later when home, in preparation for moving out prior.
This plan of action was basically just a to do list, of what we talked about before. But I put it in writing, so she could focus on that, but also so that if she forgot, she could see it there, then let that play on her mind.
This list has three things at this point. Two which mum is doing and the third is what I am doing in May, but only what mum needs to plan for and just know about, which is me painting her bedroom walls. Her bedroom walls will need re-painting from observation and not something that can be left, because the council would likely say something. So by getting the walls in that room painted, mum won’t face any issues.
Just by writing that action plan in the back of her book, helped her to re-focus and think about something else, than let her mind wander on someone we can’t control.

I took mum’s mobile phone in yesterday, because of not knowing where mum would be originally, so she could contact me and keep me updated. Making sure I knew what was happening. It helps for mum to keep in touch with other family members too.

6 thoughts on “A distraction for mum

  1. Seems like the two of you are really beginning to ”click” and work together very well. You’re doing great, Liz! Proud of you, as you should be too! 😀 Don’t forget, it is ok to cry. That’s our ‘overflow’ valve to release the heavy stuff from our heart. Once released, it frees up room, so we can then take on more or move forward more freely. At least, that is how I have experienced life. Hugz to ya both!

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  2. Taking care of mom is nothing. As I wrote in my recent posts, the fall ended differently for my mom. I came to Europe to take care of her and that wasn’t God’s intention.
    This February and especially the last day of it was the most difficult time I’ve gone through.
    Well, life must go on.
    I am saddened by the fact that most people do not read anything. I sometimes think even what’s the point of working on a post with paintings (art blog, not lifeschool) which takes about 2 weeks daily work and then nobody sees or reads it. Just disappointing.
    I hope you found a solution for your mom’s care. Good luck!

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    1. There will be a solution for me in the end for mum thanks. I am hoping the plan of me and mum one day living together, goes to plan. It’s more tiring with the travel of checking on mum’s place and her affairs, while managing mine. It’s emotionally draining as you will know too, which I think for me makes it more tiring at times, as well as my own financial affairs I am worrying about since January.

      I am a recent new follower of your blog and liking your paintings as you know. Following many blogs, I can’t remember if I have ever commented on some of your posts. But I am in a diz at times, unexpectedly and some things I am not remembering as well as I think.


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