Being a carer…

Being a carer is not easy…

It’s emotionally draining.

It’s physically draining.

But regardless, it can be rewarding.


Those that have been, or are caregivers to family members, or friends, will understand the above. As for my situation, while mum is in a mental health care place, I am dealing with her personal affairs, checking on her home, supporting her, while dealing with my own affairs and concerns.

It is just me. I am all mum has. I am her only daughter.

I am broken at times and bounce back. But I wonder how long I will last in this current situation, until me and mum are living together.

I am still trying to get an additional job to ease my financial situation.

I could list further worries, but this is more concerning my mum and that part is private to her.

18 thoughts on “Being a carer…

  1. Oh Liz. I really do feel for you. Your love for her is so obvious. I do hope that you can be living together soon. Is she in a different Unit now? Can you still get to see her? Much much love to you. Xoxo

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    1. My mum is thankfully back on same ward. So there was a bed in the end. I can’t currently see her, as the ward is closed to visitors due to flu. Mum has her mobile phone with her, so we next a bit. I said for her to text me when the ward is letting on visitors. I expect it will be closed at least rest of this week to visitors, but it could go on longer, depending when all clear of flu. X

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      1. Oh dear Liz. That is sad about the flu. Is it the stoach flu? I hope she does not catch it. You must miss seeing her. Much love to you and her too xoxo ❤️

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      2. I don’t know which flu other than she has the flu virus. Mum was first to come off the ward and be treated and back on. Ward was already closed when mum went back. X

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      3. Mum is over it, hence her being discharged from ward and back in mental health unit. Mum has some irritation, but ok to before. I hope with flu going on ward, it’s what my mum had already, so she don’t get it again. 🙂

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      4. I am very lucky not to have caught it. But my immune system has been good the last few years. But with the stress of this year and fatigue kicking in, I thought I’d be prone to bugs. Thankfully not. Touch wood.


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